2014 Guest Testaments About The Horror Happens Radio Show
“Armageddon” Ed McKeever (Horror Filmmaker & Promoter) - “Had the Pleasure of Speaking LIVE on the Air with the the Classiest Interviewer in Horror Broadcasting Today, Mr. Jay Horrorhappens Kay. This Guy and his team at HORROR HAPPENS RADIO SHOW know the Genre like nobody Else. Appreciate All the Support for Local Indie Horror and the Film Making Community His Passion for Film is Inspiring Because of Good People Like Jay and his Excellent Show, Insane Bastards Like me will have the Ability of telling even Crazier Stories in Pictures Trust me I am no Spielberg but Thanks for making me feel like it To my NJ Brother in Gore it is Immensely Appreciated.”
Aaron Moorhead (Filmmaker of “VHS:Viral” & “Spring”) - "Talking with you, Jay, is better than: coffee, scotch, threesomes, good wifi, travel, GTA V, and breakfast buffets on a hangover morning."
Adam Steigert (Fan of the show) – “You guys rock! Keep on going strong!”
Adrienne King (Actress, artist & horror icon from “Friday the 13th”) - “Fun, insightful, interesting & bloody brilliant HORROR HAPPENS with JAY K at the HELM as he digs deep into our genre. Cheers to YOU, my Happy Camper.”
Akihiro Kitamura (Actor “The Human Centipede”) – “I love you! Jay K is a great interviewer! His knowledge of movies is inspiring! Great time!”
Alyssa Lobit (Actress, filmmaker and writer of “Among Friends”) - “Thank you for having me on as part of the "Women of Horror" series. Really an honor and I had a blast It's always a treat to be asked intelligent, insightful questions while also feeling free to drop the f-bomb. It's why Horror and its fans are the BEST Smart people who don't give a fuck about speaking their minds THANKS” www.facebook.com/TheAlyssaLobit and twitter.com/alobit
Andrew Rausch (Author) – “Thanks so much! It was a blast!”
Andrew van den Houten (Producer, Director & Founder of Moderncine) – “I am a fan! I can’t wait to do this again in the future, really looking forward to having me back on again! Thank you so much!”
Andy Stewart – “Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Jay for having me on the show to discuss my films. Thoroughly impressed with how organised and well-researched the show was. It was also damn good fun. Really hope to be invited back again for more of the same. Thanks for the support and kind words too.”
Anthony DiBlaisi (Filmmaker “Dread”) – “I love to talk about it and what I do with the fans! HAVE ME BACK ON! Thanks so much!”
Ashlynn Yennie (Actress “The Human Centipede” Series) – “Great interview and great questions!”
Audra Jacombs (Producer & director of Toronto Fan Expo) - “Talking to Jay is like talking to an old friend, he knows your past, your skeletons and still wants to hear more It's always a blast being on Home Grown Radio.”
Aviva Briefel (Horror professor, writer, scholar and guest speaker “Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments”) - “I had a fabulous time chatting with Jay on the Horror Happens Show. It was great to share ideas with someone who has thought so much about the genre. Thank you.”
Barbie Wilde (Actress “Hellraiser” & Author) – “I really enjoyed our interview!”
Ben Dixon (Director and creator of Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Fest) - “Had a great time today doing the interview with Jay Horrorhappens Kay and Horror Happens Radio Show. What you do for the fans is awesome! You connect the fans as well to all that is horror.”
Bill Hutchens (Director and actor “The Human Centipede” Full Sequence) - “Really enjoyed talking with Jay on Horror Happens. It was a nice mix of thoughtful questions and humour. I hope to do it again.”
Bill Lustig (Legendary Filmmaker, Producer & Founder of “Blue Underground”) – “I look forward to the next time... Thank you for having me on the show!”
Bill Sage (Actor TV and film including “American Psycho” & “We Are What We Are”) - “Thank you brother. One of the best interviews I've ever had. Love your style.”
Billy “Bloody” Pon (Writer and director of “Circus of the Dead” & “Doll Boy”) - “I had a great time on the Horror Happens Radio Show w/ Jay Horrorhappens Kay last night. We talked all things Circus of the Dead and even about filmmaking Worth the listen, check it out I love digging into the deeper side of horror with Jay at Horror Happens Radio Show No filler nor fluff, just the facts Many thanks for having me on. Next I'm bringing the clowns with me."
Bonnie Knapp Pavone (Actress, model and uber horror fan) - “Jay always has great questions.”
Bracken MacLeod (Author of “Mountain Home”) - “You're a great interviewer and I really appreciate your preparation. I've done interviews where it was obvious the host hadn't read my work. You're awesome.”
Brandon Trost (Film Cinematographer including the “Lords of Salem”) - “Thank you for having me It was my pleasure to be a part of your show. I had a great time reminiscing about the good times. Let me know if you ever want to do it again.”
Brian Weaver (Co- Writer & director of “The Super” & “The Turnpike Killer”) - "It was great being on the show tonight. You threw some really solid, thought provoking questions my way and it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to doing it again. Thank you for having me on and thank you for truly supporting independent horror."
Cerina Vincent (Actress from “Return to House on Haunted Hill” & “Cabin Fever”) - “So much fun and really great questions, I appreciate that so much.”
Chris Alexander (Filmmaker, Journalist & the head of Fangoria, Gorezone and Delirium Magazine) - “Had a great time on The Horror Happens Radio Show yesterday. Pleasure to be a guest and nestled amongst such talents...”
Chris Hallock (Horror journalist & Award winning screenwriter) – “Just had an outstanding time talking horror shop with Jay Horrorhappens Kay! Can't wait to meet this fellow in person! He's the real deal! Listen up!”
Chris Sivertson (Filmmaker of “All Cheerleaders Die”) –“Thanks man! It was a good, fun conversation!!!”
Christian Burgess (Director of Programming & Promotion for Toronto After Dark Film Festival) – “Thanks so much Jay! I really enjoyed that. My first live internet radio interview! Cheers! Much appreciated. I had a blast love to shoot the shit with you anytime! A lot of fun talking to such an awesome horror mind.”
Christine Caprilozzi (Convention Promoter & webmistress of horrornewsnetwork.com) - "Great time on Horror Happens Radio. Jay is not only witty, but asks really insightful questions."
Colin J McCracken (Writer & journalist for Fangoria, Rue Morgue & Diabolique Magazines) - “Thanks again for having me on, it was a whole load of fun Great show all round.”
Corey Wallace (Composer) - "JK is an extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic fan. I could talk with him for hours on or off the air."
Daniel Lubier (Author of “Dead Summit” & “Exorcising My Demons” - “Hey man, I'm currently listening to part 2 of your interview with Eileen. You've got a gift, man, serious. I certainly don't consider myself "practiced" in the way of interviews, but I've been interviewed by some people who don't know how to keep a conversation moving and expect the interviewee to do the job of the interviewer, and some interviewers who do WAY too much talking and don't let the other person speak. You, however, run a seamless and amazingly balanced conversation. I was completely comfortable during our discussion back at Rock and Shock and, as I've been enjoying the interview with Eileen, I just wanted to tell you that. Keep up the good work. The industry needs people like you. Jay thank you for the amazing time on horror happens radio show. You are a wonderful host with insightful and interesting questions. It was an honor to be recognized as part of your women in horror segment.”
Dave Tamarin (Writer and Actor) - “Keep up the good work, we need and don’t have that many for indie and underground film outlets our there for guests and your show does that you have some great guests that connect with the horror fans. Your show does a lot to promote these films that mainstream outlets ignore. Great job on that.”
David Boyle (Author of “Abandoned in the Dark”) – “DJ Jay “Horror Happens” Kay embodies the characteristics that, I believe, constitute a fine entertainer: honesty, intelligence, insight, originality. The horror community is lucky to have a voice it can count on. He is a credit to the horror community; he's passionate, articulate, and fun to speak with. Many thanks to his audience for listening.”
David Grove (Author of “On Location in Blairstown”) – “Thanks for having me, Jay! The conversation came off great! You were great, though, and I really appreciate everything. Keep up the good work, man.”
David Sann (Passionate fan of the show) - “Your show is awesome by the way.”
Debbie Rochon (Filmmaker, Actress “Tromeo & Juliet” & Writer) - “Thank you Jay for the VERY intelligent interview I sincerely appreciate it and we will talk soon!”
Earl Kess (Promoter & Founder of the Severed Short Film Festival) – “Thanks for having me!! I had a great time chatting with you!!”
Ed Sanchez (Filmmaker “The Blair Witch Project: & “Lovely Molly”) - "Being on this show is the best thing I've ever done in my whole life on radio..."
Eddie McGee & Paul Boyington (Filmmakers & Actors “The Human Race”) - One of the best and smartest interviews I've done. Good times Jay, thanks for having us! We had a blast getting down and dirty with "The Human Race" & Jay Kay at HorrorHappens!
Eileen Dietz (Horror acting legend from “The Exorcist”) - “It was my pleasure, so much fun, Jay you are a hell of an interviewer.”
Ellie Church (Actress “Time to Kill”) & Writer, Director & Actor from HorrorHound Magazine Jason Hignite - “It was a blast Great interviewing skills, you are one of the best Jay.”
Emory Sloan (Editor of “Malevolent Magazine”) - Awesome! Thanks! Jay K is a consummate professional in the world of horror and it shines through in his approach to the Horror Happens Radio Show. He and The Ghost have the most highly regarded horror show of the genre and I am proud to say Malevolent Magazine has played a small role in being a part of it. Keep up the good work!"

Eoin Macken (Filmmaker “The Inside”) – “Wicked chat with Jay on @HorrorHappensRS. That guys knows his horror, cool dude and that was fun… now go watch THE INSIDE!”

Eric England (Filmmaker “Conracted”) – “I had a blast. Great questions. Great conversation. I really appreciated how in depth you went about the film. I'd recommend to anyone!”
Ericka Boussarhane (Director of Pensacola Para Con) - "Jay Horror Happens Radio has such a soothing voice and puts his guests at ease. I was just waiting for Freddie to come through the phone and say " 1, 2 Freddies Coming for you". For the best horrendous horror hit up your host "Jay". Homebois.”
Erin McIntosh (Actress from “The Summoners”) - “Your questions were awesome, and I had a lot of fun with it. I'm honored to have been a part of your Women in Horror series."
Eryn Krueger Mekash (Master makeup, EFX & prosthetics duo for American Horror Story) – “Thank you so much, Jay! Christopher Nelson and I had a great time on the show!!!”
Chris Nelson & Eryn Mekash (Master EFX & Makeup Artist “American Horror Story” & so much more!) - Had an amazing time being interviewed yesterday by the illustrious Jay Horrorhappens Kay on his homegrown radio show!”
Fred Vogel (Founder of Toe Tag & Filmmaker “August Underground Triology”) - “It was great time!” 
Geraldine Winters (Filmmaker & Director of New Jersey Gore Fest) - “Thank You for the airtime You're a great host XO.”
Giovanni Deldio (Horror journalist and writer) - “I truly loved being on Horror Happens radio show I had such a blast talking about exploitation horror movies, a topic near and dear to my heart. I would love to thank Jay Horrorhappens Kay for having me on the show.”
Graham Skipper (Actor of “Re-Animator” Play & “Almost Human”) - "It was so much fun getting to talk to a fellow horror fan about the genre and all that we love about it. I mean, on what other show could I talk freely about Xtro and have the host know what I'm talking about agree that it's awesome? Had a blast!"
Greg Grunberg (Actor on “Heroes”, “Big Ass Spider” & Educator at Talkaboutit.org) - “Thank you so much for having me on the show and getting the information out.”
Gregor Habsburg (Producer on “June” & “Hellbenders”) - “Dude you were great. Thank you for being such a pro, you know how to do a good interview.”
Hannah Neurotica (Founder of the “Women in Horror” Movement) - "The Horror Happens Radio show is a genuine great time both as a guest and a listener -Jay knows his stuff and his passion for horror shines through every episode. I am beyond impressed with this show and honored to have been part of it. Make sure this check this one out every Tuesday."
Hugues Barbier (Director of the Ithica International Fantastic Film Festival) – “Thank you so much jay! That was a great conversation, we loved it! And thank you for the shout out- hit us up anytime if you need anything!”
Izzy Lee (Filmmaker behind the short film “Legitimate”, Actress & Producer) - “The Horror Happens Show was a great experience. Jay is extremely supportive of female horror filmmakers and a champion for indie film in general. What a conversation, if you go on his show, expect great, intelligent questions.”
James Nimmons & David Ward (Members of the MonsterCon) - "Horror and laughs certainly happened with our new friends at HHRS. We really enjoyed talking about cons and having people listen. We felt at home and like we were with our people.”
Jason Hoover (Director & Founder at Jabb Pictures) – "I always have a great time talking about the indie scene on Horror Happens Radio! Jay is the real deal. A true fan and a powerful host."
Jeffery Combs (Legendary horror film actor “Re-Animator”, “From Beyond”, “Would You Rather” & Edgar Allen Poe in “Nevermore” - "Horror Happens!"

Ari Lehman (The first Jason from “Friday the 13th” & Musician) – “HEY I WAS JUST INTERVIEWED ON "HORROR HAPPENS" RADIO! CHECK IT OUT CAMPERS!!!”
Jim Haggarty (Filmmaker & Director of the Yellow Ape Film Festival) – “Thank you very much for the interview yesterday! I truly enjoyed our talk and hope to do it again soon.”
Jim Krut (Actor & Helicopter Zombie from “Dawn of the Dead”) - It was a pleasure to share the microphone with you, Jay, and, as always, you do a great job of making an exciting radio show! Keep up the great work!
Jim O'Rear (Actor and writer for “Fat Chance” and “Hospital”) - “My appearance on Horror Happens with Jay K. was one of the best radio interview experiences I’ve had in the past 30 years. The host was timely, well-informed, knowledgeable about the subjects addressed, and kept things moving at a brisk pace. I’d gladly appear on this program again.”
JoAnn & Mike Thomas (Directors at FANtastic Film Fest) – “That interview was a FREIGHT TRAIN! We have to do a more controlled explosion next year. Thanks, Jay! It was great talking with you!”
Jody Barton (Actor from “13-13-13”, “Hate Crime” and “To Jennifer”) - "Thanks Jay. We covered lots of topics and I got to answer great questions. Lots of fun talking movies with people who love movies. You have a great show. Thanks for asking me to be part of it." 
Joe Maddrey (Writer & Documentary Director “Nightmares in Red, White & Blue”) - "It's always fun to talk to a fellow horror geek who genuinely loves and respects the genre. Jay knows his shit!"
John Pata & Adam Bartlett (Filmmakers of “Dead Weight”) - “Dude, thank you SO FUCKING MUCH for the interview tonight We can't even express just how much we needed that. While the distro deal has been a positive thing for us and the film, it's also had some pretty strongly negative aspects to it, due in part by the strong emotional connection we all have to the film. Your comments, perception, and questions were exactly what we originally set out to spark with this film. We don't know if you were making shit up or not, and it doesn't matter. You reminded us why this film is special to us, and just how amazing this journey has been. And we needed that more than you could know. On behalf of Adam, myself, the Dead Weight Family, and indie horror as a whole, thank you. Thanks for the great conversation, but more importantly, thanks for the support to give to the entire genre.”
John Russo (Writer, actor, director and horror legend of the films “Midnight” & Night of the Living Dead”) -  “A great show because Jay asks all the right questions and is very hip to what's going on in the horror genre.”
Jon Henderson & Jason Goldfarb (Promoters of Bizarre AC) - “Very cool time! Thanks as always man for all you do, you are an intracal part of what we do! Thank you for all your support!”
Juli Hapney (Master EFX & makeup artist) - “I had an amazing time on the show It was a lot of fun and I can't wait till next time Chatting with jay was a bloody good time... Better than sex.”
Justin Benson (Filmmaker of “VHS:Viral” & “Spring”)  - "Sincerest thanks for having us on Jay. Great questions, good company, and an overall experience second only to Mortal Kombat and Almost Famous."
Justin Wingenfeld (Crew at AlternativeCinema.com) – “Great interviews and great enthusiasm. Always a pleasure.”
Karen Lam (Short & Feature Filmmaker of “Evangeline”) – “Thank you so much for all the really smart questions and the research. It really was a pleasure. Jay Is one of the most prepared and smart interviewers in horror radio today. The man simply rocks!"
Katie Parker (Actress from “Absentia”) - “Jay you're the man Thank you for having me on the show You are a great interviewer.”
Kayley Viteo (Film Programmer at Etheria Film Festival) - Thank you! GREAT questions, had an amazing time. Thanks so much to Jay Horrorhappens Kay for hosting an awesome show (as always), for asking great questions, and to Stacy Pippi Hammon for being my partner in crime for the night. Everyone - Etheria Film Festival. Support it, live it, love it.
Kelly Rae LeGault - Being on the "Horror Happens" show was an experience I won't soon forget. Not only was it my first radio interview, but I got to be alongside my favorite director, Jeremiah Kipp. It was wonderful to be able to reflect on the filming process and talk about things I hadn't even thought of since. I hope to be a guest again in the very near future! Thanks again!
Kristopher Rufty (Author of “The Lurkers” & “A Dark Autumn”) - “Yes, absolutely. I would love to come back on. Thank you for having me on. I was incredibly impressed by Jay's questions and knowledge, of not just my books, but horror in general. To be my first radio interview, Horror Happens made my experience a comfortable one. I had so much fun and can't wait to come back on. I'm a fan of this show for life."
L Gustavo Cooper (Director of the short film “Velvet Road” & feature film “June”) - “Sure "I had a great time on the show. I am humbled and thankful to be apart such a talented lineup. Can't wait to come back on."
LC Holt (Director, Crew and Actor of “You’re Next” & “V/H/S2”) - “I had a good time man Great chat. I look forward to our convos. Some interviews are difficult, but you're very easy to chat with.”
LC Macabre (Businesswoman & Promoter “Macabre Faire Film Festival”) - Jay Horrorhappens Kay my hat is off to you. Many of these interviews are insightful and its apparent you did much homework beforehand. Most impressive is your interview with #RobertLaSardo where the give & take between the two of you is phenomenal. Job well done my friend. For you all you folks out there you should truly take a few minutes of your day and enjoy some, if not all, of these conversations that took place at #BizarreAC this past weekend. Nothing to fear but fear itself and with a folks like Jay K & The Ghost hosting this show they just made my time with them enlightening and interview friendly. Simply perfect.”
Lindsey Serrano (EFX artist, producer and director for Mass Graves Pictures) - "Jay is one of the best interviewers in the scene today Somehow he finds just the right questions to help us crazy filmmakers collect our thoughts and share not only our projects but our processes and passion with the audience. Had an amazing time doing my first solo interview ever Thanks so much Jay Kay and Judith the Ghost for the opportunity Keep supporting indie horror We love you for it."
Lisa von Biela (Author of multiple novels including “Ash and Bone”) - “Jay K knows about all there is to know about horror, and he made my very first interview an amazing and fun experience.  I had a great time and look forward to returning.”
Loretta Jo Kapinos (Author and editor from Author Mike Ink) - “What can I say? Horror happens was as much fun to be in as it is to listen to. Thank you Jay for making me feel calm, welcome and like a celebrity.”
Lori Bowen & Shannon Lark (Filmmakers, Film Festival Directors & the minds behind the short film “I AM MONSTER”) - "Jay blew us away with his knowledge and research, showing that he is among the best at what he does. He's a true independent and his show is badass. In short: he's magical."
Lucky McKee (Filmmaker of “The Woman” & “All Cheerleaders Die”) – “Awesome! Appreciate the support, man. Good talking', yet again. Fun time on the show!”
Marcy Boyle/Rachel Holzman aka DPYX (Filmmakers “Nobody Can Cool”) - “We loved being the show! Jay shines the light on the dark corners where indie horror lives, and as movie maniacs ourselves, we tune in to Jay to find out where HORROR HAPPENS!”
Mark Anastaio (Director of the After Midnight Series at the Coolidge Theatre) – “Your show rules! You're welcome at my midnite show anytime.””
Marv Blauvet: "One of the best run genre radio shows I have had the pleasure to do to date (and I have done a lot!)....Jay is passionate about the genre, treats his guest like royalty, does his homework and ask some of the best questions of any interviewer I have worked with! This guy knows his shit!!!"
Mascara & Popcorn Team (Florence Touliatos) - "Chatting with Jay was one of the most dynamic and inspiring experiences we've had, he's well versed and genuinely interested in our community, whether you're a veteran or an emerging indie filmmaker, actor, event organizer, horror, sci-fi, fantasy and beyond, make it a point to be on his show. He's fucking awesome! Had a wicked time! thanks again!”
Matt Arnold (Filmmaker behind “Shadow People”) - "Probably the best interview I've had about Shadow People. Jay knew the movie inside and out and asked questions that let me really dig into the subject matter for the audience. Great interview. Thanks Jay."
Matthew Kennedy of Astron-6 (Filmmaker & Amazing Man!) – “Thanks a lot for having me on. Not everyone knows how to host an interview but a lot of people THINK they do. You are one of the people that how to host. I really knows would be happy to come back. Being on horror happens felt like chatting with someone I've known for years. There's nothing better than talking horror with people who really know horror.”
Michael Berryman (Legendary horror actor & Icon) - “It was kick ass and I am going to kick your ass God bless you brother.”
Michele Mulkey & Carlos Dunn (Two of the team members behind “Carlos Dunn Katherine”) – “Awesome time as always on Horror Happens Radio and Jay did an awesome job! Big love back to you too Jay! Thank you again for just being you! :-)”
Michele Mulkey (SFXMUA for Film/TV - Owner of Michele Mulkey FX Studio ) - "I had an amazing time as a guest on The Horror Happens Show with Jay and The Ghost Great conversations about all things Horror with the coolest people in radio."
Mike Maggot (Filmmaker “Our Devil’s Night”, “His Devil’s Night”, “The Profane Exhibit: Manna” & “And Then I Helped”) - “Good times as always my friend I look forward to our next chat. Thanks for having me again dude... The real deal.”
Monique O’Bar (Crew at Twisted Terror Convention & Fan) – “You are amazing, Jay!  You persevered, when your body didn't want to. It was clear you were exhausted and STILL kept going! If you have a boss, please give him my regards for hiring an exemplary employee. Die hard trooper, you are :-) Thank you, for your consistent & lovely disposition.”
“Nasty” Neal Jones (Co-host of “Without Your Head” & “Dinner & a Movie”) - (: Thanks Jay was a pleasure to be on your show. I believe this is the first time Annabelle and I have been interviewed together. That was very interesting, I hope people enjoy it, hearing another side of us. Thanks again Jay!:)”
Navot Papashado (Filmmaker “Rabies” & “Big Bad Wolves”) – “Thanks, it was a lot of fun, felt like a really cool conversation. Loved your questions! Really smart and spot on if I may say… Definitely one of the best talks I had on this movie!!
Nick DeCarlo (Founder of BeneaththeUnderground.com) – “Jay Horrorhappens Kay is one of the most legit guys in this entire community so if no one minds I am going to update weekly on who is appearing on his show in here...”
Parrish Randall (Actor “Circus of the Dead”) – “Super great times talking with Jay Horrorhappens Kay...recorded live, from the Bizarre AC! Jay asks some killer cool questions that we usually do not get asked!!! Thanks Jay!!!”
Pat Healy (Actor “Compliance”, “The Innkeepers” & “Cheap Thrills”) - "I enjoyed being a guest on The Horror Happens Radio Show because of the insightful questions and lively, in depth conversation that followed. Too many interviews are fluff and/or going over the same territory again again. This was a refreshingly deep and meaningful conversation on things I hold dear to my heart. Thanks!"
Patricia Chica (Award winning documentary & filmmaker of ”Ceramic Tango” & “Serpents Lullaby”) - “Thank you Jay Horrorhappens Kay Great interview Great questions Great show One of the best interviews that I've done in a long time Thanks Jay Horrorhappens Kay.”
Rebekah McKendry (Writer, Head of marketing for Fangoria & director) - “Jay rules Genre discussions that are topical, intelligent, and uncensored.”
Rob Dimension (Panel Moderator, Writer, Indie filmmaker and actor of award winning short film “Baggage”) - "What I enjoy most about Horror Happens Radio is how much they care about the Independent films and the creators. They work hard to spread the message it's fantastic.”
Robert LaSardo (Artist & Actor “Nip/Tuck”, “The Human Centipede 3”, “Junkie” & “Deathrace”) – “It's rare that an interview can lend such insight independent of the artist’s answers. Thank you Jay for having such a prolific perception.”
Robert Poole (Director at IndieHorror.TV) - That was a great time. Fantastic interview! You really did your homework. Thank you so much!
Rosemary Perkins Roberti (Fan of the show) – “I enjoyed it so much that I, shared it on my Facebook page. Keep up the creepy cool work.”
Ryan Kiser (Actor “Turth or Dare” & “House of Manson”) - “Great times on the show today Awesome talking Truth or Dare, House of Manson and creating indie film and the dark characters of horror. Thanks for having me on and to the fans for taking a listen.”
Stacy Pippi Hammon (Filmmaker & Director of the Etheria Film Festival) - 1. Jay and the Horror Happens Radio Show are the next best thing after 3-D Printers. 2. Being interviewed by Jay on the Horror Happens Radio Show is as comfortable and as intellectually satisfying as chatting with two Gorns and Rusalka over coffee and mixed nuts at the craft service table. 3. Rare is an interviewer who can keep Kayley and I from going off on a tangent to dimensions unknown. Jay of Horror Happens Radio Show is one of those interviewers. 4. Jay of the Horror Happens Radio Show is the lease scary guy on the horror scene and I am totally okay with this.”
Steve Zarebski (Huge fan of the Horror Happens Radio Show) - “I love your show so much Jay it's amazing and loved your interviews with Jen and Sylvia as well. I'm a listener from Ontario Canada.”
Sylvia Soska (Fan of the show and filmmaker of “American Mary” & Dead Hooker in a Trunk”) - “Such a fantastic line up, thank you for your dedication to promoting all these great artists.”
Tammy Dupal (Co-director of the Twisted Tails Film Fest) - “How bout this for a liner Jay and HorrorHappens Radio are a class act with a splash of horror.”
The Richard (Fetish Artist, Model & Actor) – “I had a Total and Absolute Blast on The Horrorhappens Radio Show!!! Jay, as always, was a Purrrrrrfect Gentleman. His questions where very well researched especially in regards to my darker side as an Artist, the one that I am seen as a Fetish Icon. Jay is fun, witty, fast on the ball and has such a Love for everything touching the world where the red water flows.... THE Loves Jay and the Horrorhappens radio Show and will most definitely look forward to our next little session.”
Tiffany Shepis (Actress of so many indie horror films) - "Jay is the syrup to my breakfast sausage. Horror happens with Jay is the only place to chat about horror, nerds, and the facts of life... I heart Jay!"
Tim Welch (Director of the Scream in the Dark Film Festival & Scares That Care Member) - “A show every horror fan should listen to and a show everyone would kill to be on!!!"
Todd Freeman (Filmmaker “Cell Count”) - "I can't thank you enough for having us on the Horror Happens Radio Show.  We've done a lot of interviews and this was not only one of the best but Jay was also the most prepared when it came to our body of work as well as creating an amazing atmosphere in which to speak my mind.  We couldn't do what we do without shows like the HHRS.  Simply put... thank you for helping us make movies and get them out to the world." 
Trista Robinson (Actress from “The Summoners” & “The Human Race”) - “Amazing interviewer and ghost Lovely Aunt Lucky girl. Thanks for listening I am very grateful for your kindness.”
Victor Brooke Miller (Famed Film Writer including “Friday the 13th”) – “Jay makes the interview experience a delight!”
Victoria Pratt (TV & film actress the film “June”) - “It was my pleasure. What a fun interview.”
Will Mahaffey (Director of the Knoxville Horror Film Festival) – “If you're looking for some good horror radio, check out @HorrorHappensRS. We had a blast chatting about #KHFF666.”
Will Seegers (Composer) - "Horror Happens Radio has an incredible wealth of horror-related content. Jay is a great conversationalist and a pleasure to talk with."
Wyzae (Indie horror icon, rapper and actor) - “Thank you Jay Horrorhappens Kay for having me on your show and thank you all for listening. It was great Your an awesome ass person man, Thanx again.”
Zack Parker (Filmmaker “Scalene” & “Proxy”) - "Had a great time talking PROXY and the world of indie film as a whole on The Horror Happens Radio Show. It's always refreshing to have an in depth conversation examining the psychology of the film, as opposed to just the splatter."