2015 Guest Testaments About The Horror Happens Radio Show
Aaron Crowell (One of the Original HorrorHound Crew, Writer & Podcaster) - "Well done! Was going to see if you wanted to moderate the SOA panel on Sunday at HHW?" 


Adam Barnick (Documentary Filmmaker) - "Jay's show was terrific. He brings serious passion to his show and interviews, and knows his horror inside and out; but it's not just geeking or talking up favorite films we have in common. He came up with the kind of in-depth questions I love, really making me think about my own creative process and the times I’ve been successful with my own creative work. I was even more excited and motivated re: my own projects afterward. Count me in as a new fan!”


Adam Cesare (Author “Mercy House”) - "Intelligent, articulate, engrossing discussion: I could have talked all night. Thank you, Jay and Horror Happens!"Alan Jones (Film Critic, Writer & Co-Programmer “Film4Frightfest”) – “Really enjoyed our interview, insightful questions and always good to talk to someone informed and knowledgeable about the genre.”
Adam Rehmeier (Filmmaker “The Bunny Game & Jonas”) – “That was dope, son! Fantastic session, amigo! You have a voice that fits radio and reading audio books. Word!!!”
Adam Robitel – (Filmmaker “The Taking of Deborah Logan”) - “It was a joy to speak with you Jay Kay!”
Allison Egan (Actress “Her Name Was Torment”) - “I just did my radio interview with Jay Kay of the Horror Happens radio show and it was so awesome! Thanks, Jay for inviting me to be a part or Women in Horror Month, it was an honor! You're very professional and had some great questions. I'm all flattered and shit. Really though, I was honored.”
Alyse Wax (TV Critic & Formerly of Fearnet) - “Loved it! I would be honored to. I had so much fun when I was on last!”
Ama Lea (Photographer, Artist & Model) - “Thank you so much... I truly truly appreciate it!! Just finished my segment on HorrorHappensRS! Tune in to check out all the other kick ass ladies of horror!”
Andrea Wolanin (Writer & Filmmaker) - "It's rare for a radio show to be blisteringly intelligent while still maintain a relaxed and fun atmosphere for those participating. Horror Happens is all that and more. I was impressed with the depth of Jay's interview, and delighted in our conversation – I look forward to joining him again in the future!"


Anthony DiBlasi (Filmmaker “Dread” & “Last Shift”) – “Loved being on the show again Jay Kay!”


Blair Bathory (Horror Host “Fear Haus”) - "It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Jay of Horror Happens Radio. His knowledge of the genre and my personal endeavors was much appreciated. He has one of the best radio shows in the horror community."

Bonnie Knapp Pavone (Model, Artist & Journalist) -“Many thanks to Jay Kay, Judith TheGhost Pellegrino...and anyone that tuned in tonight! He's still interviewing some amazing personalities LIVE right now so tune in!”
Bradley King/BP Cooper (The Minds Behind “Time Lapse”) – “My pleasure man! As a genre filmmaker you want to be asked the probing questions and have a chance to talk in-depth about the gritty details of your creative process, which is why it was so great to be on the Horror Happens Radio Show. It’s a place that distinguishes itself as a haven for the kind of discussion geeks like us love."   
Briana Caitlin (Actress “Sweethearts”) – “All smiles after our interview on Horror Happens Radio Show!! Much love to Jay Kay and make sure to check out the full live show!”

Brian Kirk (Author “We Are Monsters”) – “I really enjoyed that Jay! Thanks for having me on. We went deep, which is exactly where I like to go. Cheers, my friend. Also, Saw a nice overnight sales bump, presumably from the show. Thanks again. Would love to get back on sometime!” 

Carleigh Herbert (Makeup Artist on “American Horror Story: Freakshow”) - “Thank you @HorrorHappensRS @HGRNJ for being so cool having me on for a brief moment today while I stepped off set! Jay you rock!”
Caroline Williams (Actress “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2”, “Contracted” & “Hatchet 3”) - “Loved it! You ask great questions; hope to do it again soon! Had a terrific time with Jay! Thanks, dude!”


Chris Alo (Programmer at the “Hudson Horror Show”) – “Thanks to Jay Kay for leading me through a great interview on http://www.horrorhappens.com/ to promote my upcoming Hudson Horror Show movie festival. I've been interviewing rock stars for the last 25 years and it felt really weird to be on the other side of the fence. Thanks for taking it easy on me Jay!”


Chris Bouchie (Filmmaker & Head of “King of the Witches”) – “Thanks to Jay for having me on his neat radio show. Best one I've ever been on.”


Chris Lott (Composer) - "I loved being on the show, not once did I feel like it was an interview. Felt more like talking to a friend,who knows a lot about horror."


Ciaran Foy (Filmmaker “Sinister 2” and “The Citadel”) – “Had a great time chatting. Nice to be asked smart and observant questions!”

Colin Price (TV & Film Actor “Late Night Double Feature”) – “Was great to chat with someone so knowledgable, insightful and passionate within the genre. Jay is in a league of his own with the Horror Happens radio show!”

Cutting Board (Indie Horror Film Company) – “Fun, intense and highly energetic. Jay leaves his guests with a sense of accomplishment and acceptance.”


Dave O’Hare & Sal Zurzolo (Heads of the “Garden State Comic Fest”) – “We both had a great time talking with Jay!”

Debi Moore (Writer & Critic at Dreadcentral.com) - “Appearing on Horror Happens with Jay Kay was a blast... he was professional, personable, and more prepared than I was! For all the latest horror news, be sure to tune in!”
Devon Downs (Filmmaker “Anarchy Parlor” & Fan) – “Truly compelling radio today Jay Kay with Robert LaSardo! Thank you for supporting indie filmmaking in a thoughtful insightful manner!!!”
Dieter Laser (Legendary Cult Actor of TV, Film & “The Human Centipede Franchise” - “Always a pleasure to talk to the great film enthusiast Jay K!!! Thank you so much for the nice and vivid conversation!!!” 
Dustin Mills (Filmmaker “Her Name Was Torment”, "Applecart" & “Skinless”) - 'Great questions, man! Thank you so much! He is a fantastic interviewer.”
East Coast Culture @ECKulture – “@HorrorHappensRS is a killer radio show!” 
EL Katz (Writer & Filmmaker “Cheap Thrils”) -"I had a great time speaking with Jay, it was one of my more enjoyable interviews. I really feel bad that he didn't manage to capture the sounds of me getting murdered in the empty building I was in, because that would have made for some really memorable radio.”
Eric England (Filmmaker “Madison County” & “Contracted”) - “I had a blast. Great questions. Great conversation. I really appreciated how in depth you went about the film. I'd recommend to anyone!”

Eric Stanze (Filmmaker “Scrapbook” & “Ratline”) - "Horror Happens is an impressive and vital link between horror fans and the makers of horror movies. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Jay, and I appreciated his sharp questions and obvious love for and insight into the genre."


Erin Ryan (Actress “Applecart”, “Her Name is Torment 2” & “Easter Casket”) – “Being a guest on Horror Happens is like meeting up with an old friend for coffee and intelligent, artistic conversation. It's chicken soup for the somewhat twisted soul.”

Erica Kauffman (Artist, Co-Owner & Operator of Atomic Cotton) - “Being on the Horror Happens Radio Show for Women In Horror Month was truly an honor. It feels really good to be recognized for all of my hard work, and dedication to horror t-shirts.”
Father Evil (Legendary Horror Character) – “Jay Kay....the master of catching candid moments.”
Fools for Blood (Rondo Award Voter) – “I think the Hororr Happens Radio Show is deserving of a nomination for Best Horror Podcast /multimedia this year. Jay K and The Ghost have really been outdoing themselves over the past few years, hosting guests from all over the genre, from writers to actors to directors to journalists. It's a truly eclectic show that has something for everyone, with a very passionate, personable, and knowledgeable host. Worth checking out.”


Frank Ilfman (Composer “Legendary Pictures New Logo Fanfare” & “Big Bad Wolves”) – “It was a truly a pleasure, thank you for a great show as I really enjoyed talking to you.”


Frazer Lee (Author & Filmmaker) - "I had a scarily good time appearing on the Horror Happens Radio Show. Jay Kay knows his horror so well that every question is insightful and reveals something compelling about our genre. Long may he continue to fill the airwaves with fear!"


Fred Vogel (Mastermind of “ToeTag”) – “KILLER!”

Gabriel Carrer (Filmmaker “The Demolisher”) - "Authentic, smart and real, Jay Kay at Horror Happens is not just a staple outlet for the horror industry, but for film lovers as well."

Gigi Saul Guerrero (Owner of “Luchagore Productions”, Filmmaker & Model) - “THAT was so fun with @HorrorHappensRS radio! Thank u for having me! Can't wait for the next interview! Entire Luchagore family will attend!!”
Glenn McQuaid (Writer, Producer & Filmmaker “I Sell the Dead” & “Tales from Beyond the Pale: - “Thanks Jay, you're a gentleman! Very nice chatting with you!”


Glen-Paul Waru (Host & Actor “Housebound”) - “Thanks man! A lot of fun. Cheers.”


Greg Beville (Panel Moderator “Comikaze Expo” & “Comic Con”) – “Jay Kay and the HorrorHappens are representing the best in independent horror films and comics. You should listen to each broadcast to get the latest info on everything horror!”
Haley Madison (Actress “The Hunters” & “Kill the Bitch”) - “It was super fun, I'm very thankful to be a part of women in horror month!!!”
Heather Drew (Actress & Teacher for Dying For the Camera) - “You were a fabulous host and it was truly a pleasure to be interviewed.. You were a pro as well.”

Huston Huddleston (Director of the “Hollywood Horror Museum”) – “It was more fun than disemboweling an 8 legged cenobite.”

Jason Hoover (Owner of Jabb Pictures & Filmmaker) - “GREAT interviews. You're a killer, buddy.”
Jason Kretten (One of the Original HorrorHound Crew, Writer & Podcaster) – “You have some serious talent, you asked great questions that got me talking. I could have kept going and going. Absolutely, I can't wait. This past weekend was a blast!”


Jason Kretten (“HorrorHound” Radio Host) – “Being on Horror Happens with Jay feels like sitting down and catching up with an old friend. Anytime he calls on me to talk about the latest in horror or comics I'll come running!”


Jason West (Founder of Vultra Video) - "Jay Kay and The Horror Happens Radio show has got there shit together. Questions were on point, great topics, and a general overall great time. Do yourselves all a favor and treat yourself to one of the best horror radio shows around."
Jen Lynch (Filmmaker “Boxing Helena” & “Chained”) - “It was a blast! Thanks so much for having me! I am ready to come back on and accept that challenge anytime!”
Jenn Wexler (Filmmaker "Halloween Bash" & "Slumber Party" and Producer at Glass Eye Pix "ABCs of Death2") - "Had such a super fun time on the show! Thank you for having me on. Will Def let Larry know, I think he would be down for coming on!"

Jeff Meyer (Programmer at the Palace Theatre in Syracuse NY) – “Jay Kay and Horror Radio Rule - huge supporter of everything Horrific! Great show! I had so much fun chatting about film and ATM :) I had a heck of a time on the show!” 
Jeffery Scott Gould (Cinematographer) – “Jay, you ask great questions!”
Jennifer Cooper (Founder of the Jennifers Bodies Film Fest) - “Thank you sweetheart!! :) #WiHM666 Always great to have rad guys supporting @WiHmonth! :)”
Jennifer Valdes (Filmmaker “Isabelle”) – “I loved being on the Horrorhappens radio show! Tune into Jay Kay for all hottest horror news and updates! Very impressed!”
Jerry Janda Jr. (Actor & Writer “Painkiller”) - "Jay Kay from the Horror Happens Radio Show. Jay asked great questions during the Q&A portion of the screening, then interviewed me afterwards for his show. We talked for 30 minutes, and I would have gladly talked for 30 more. His insights into film are amazing, and his questions really helped me get deep into the experiences that formed and inspired PAINKILLER. He's also the first person to recognize the film's NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN influence -- and pick up on the similarities between Anton Chigurh and my character. I was overjoyed. I seriously can't believe you're still talking to me. Once again, you made a PAINKILLER Q&A truly special. Your knowledge of, and interpretation of, film -- all so refreshing. I could talk to you for days about horror and film. Which, again, makes me wonder why you haven't blocked me yet. Joking aside, it's always great to see you at events, and I want to thank you for taking the time to ask more questions during last night's screening. I hope the baby story gave you something new to enjoy..."


Joe Lynch (Podcast Host “The Movie Crypt”, Actor and Filmmaker “Everly” & “Holliston” – “That was awesome! Thanks so much man!
Joe Yanick (Horror Journalist & Managing Editor of Diabolique Magazine) - “That was a blast, thank you for making that easy on me and dealing with my ramblings.”


John McNaughton (Filmmaker “The Harvest” & “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer”) – “Had a very nice chat on Horror Happens Radio about Henry and more.”


John Pata (Filmmaker “Pity” & “Dead Weight”) – “God dammit, Jay. You are too fucking fantastic. Seriously. Thank you so much for everything. They way you talk about our films is too much, I don't even know what to say. You could be blowing smoke up my ass for all I know, and I wouldn't even care. Holy shit. Also, I know Adam and I agreed after we were on before, you are such a terrific interviewer. Without a doubt, my favorite person to talk about our projects to. Thank you, thank you, thank you and the Scare-A-Thon announcement - shit! I can't believe it. Again, thank you so much! Man, the genre needs to be eternally thankful to have you as such a strong supporter and participant. You, sir, are the fucking best.”
Katie Bonham (Filmmaker “Keepsake”) - “Had a blast on Horror Happens!”
Kelly Rawn (Fan, Artist & LTTT Member) – “All I'm saying and it should be self-explanatory Jay Kickass Kay Give a listen just once...trust me that's all you need to get hooked.”
Kenny Gage & Devon Downes (The Filmmaking Minds Behind “Anarchy Parlor”) – “Just wanted to say it was a true pleasure speaking with you today on the Horror Happens radio show.  Thank you so much for having us! Your intelligent and insightful questions really allowed us a chance to deep dive into the script and talk about aspects of the production we rarely get asked about.  Your understanding of our film and the horror genre was thorough and thought provoking.  We'd highly recommend any other filmmakers to participate on your show.  Next time you're in LA be sure to hit us up and we'll hang.”
Kevin Greutert (Filmmaker SAW Franchise & Jessabelle) – “This was a really good chat!” 
Kevin Monahan (Programmer at Boston Underground Film Fest)  – “Thanks for having us! Always a pleasure to speak with an enthusiastic fan such as yourself.”


Kevin Sheenan (Fan) – “You'll have a blast. He's a phenomenal interviewer.”


Kim Garland (Filmmaker “Vivienne Again”) - "I had a great time on the Horror Happens radio show! Jay really does his research so his questions go beyond the surface. He even saw a connection in my work I hadn’t noticed before, but he was absolutely right! Thanks to Jay and Judith for having me on the show. Horror Happens rocks!"
Kweeny Todd (Horror Journalist) - “It was awesome! Thanks for everything! <3 HOWL!”


Larry Fessenden (Actor, Filmmaker “Habit”, Co- Founder of Glass Eye Pix and “Tales from Beyond the Pale”) - "Horror Happens Radio rocks! I felt at ease and appreciated and the conversation got deep and went in unexpected directions. Good times!"
Larry Lutze (FX Artist “Monsters Among You”)– “Horror Happens Radio your connection to all thing Horror! Costuming, Movies Directors, Actors, Conventions and everything in between check it out!!!”
Larry Dwyer (Horror Journalist at Horrornewsnetwork.com)- “Hey brother! Thanks again for having me on and thanks for all you do for horror. Stay gory!”
LJ Moran (Author) – “Thank you for having me on your show and saying all those wonderful things about my book. I had a wonderful time visiting with you. Continued success.”
Lorrie Prince (Fan) – “Your very badass to talk to man!”


Luke Bramley (One of the Demented Minds of Luchagore Productions) - "Being a guest on The Horror Happens Radio Show was awesome...the conversations were great, we were all engaged, and Jay clearly has a passion for horror!"
Makaila Nichols (Actress “Sweethearts”) – “I had a great time talking with Jay on the Horror Happens Talk Show! He is hilarious and definitely approaches all sides to a story! Sure kept me on my seat!”


Matt Mercer (Actor “Contracted 1 & 2”) – “HorrorHappens KICKS ASS. Can't wait to visit Jay for another chat!”


Maude Michaud (Filmmaker “Dys-“) – “What I like about being interviewed by Jay is that he takes the time to thoroughly research his subjects in order to have in-depth discussions. Long live the Horror Happens Show!”


Mel Heflin (Actress & Model) - "I had so much fun to just catching up with Jay Kay! It's also always great to tell a little about myself, what I do and plug my recent projects on a show with someone who really knows about all that is horror going on around the world it seems!"
Mick Garris (Legendary Producer “Unbroken”, Horror Journalist, Artist & Filmmaker “The Stand”) - “I had a great time chatting about the genre with a comfortable and knowledgeable host, who certainly knows his world of horror!”
Michael Gingold (Fangoria Managing Editor) - “You're very welcome--it was a great conversation, and you had a lot of interesting questions.”


Michael Steves (Filmmaker “Clinger”) - "Great questions and great conversation about horror - Jay knows the genre better than anyone, and it was an honor to be on the show!"


Mike Chmiel (Actor & Filmmaker) – “Absolutely a pleasure. Let's do it again sometime. So fun and love thoughtful conversations about film, horror and life. Many thanks.”


Mike Peterson (Filmmaker of “Insectula”) - "Jay makes it really easy to have a comfortable and fun discussion. He's a natural and I was really impressed by his professionalism."
Mitch Markowitz (Producer The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein & Actor The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh ) – “Jay K you do a GREAT interview. Kudos to you! Man you knew more about Frightenstein and Rosalind Leigh than I did or at least than I could remember. Thank you so much for having me on your show and for doing such a stellar job of 'guiding' me through the ins and outs of interview heaven!” 
Monica Kubler (Writer & Managing Editor at Rue Morgue Magazine) - “Thank you so much! It was blast!”
Najarra Townsend (Actress “Contracted” & “The Stylist”) - “Thank you so so much! Interviews make me super nervous so thank you for making it fun!!!”


Natalie Burn (Actress, Writer, Producer & Stunts “Awaken”) – “It was great interview thank you so much for having me!"


Navin Ramaswaran (Filmmaker the “Late Night Double Feature”) - "I'd equate being on Jay's show to chilling with a pal and talking movies. Such a laid back, good time!"

 Nick King (Mr. Boogie Actor “Sinister” & “Sinister 2”) – “Jay is awesome host and knows his shit it was an absolute pleasure being on his live show. I hope to do it in the future again. If you're not listening to his show you're missing out.”


Nick Smyth (TV & Film Actor “Late Night Double Feature”) - "Loved every minute of being on the show, had a blast. Best thing about Jay is that he knows his stuff, a true fan of horror. Horror Happens is a requirement for any horror fan out there."

Nick Tucci (Actor “You’re Next”) - "Talking with Jay was so engaging, it was like he broke open my skull and got a look at my brain beforehand.  And he didn't even need a blender to do it."
Patricia Chica (Multi-Award Winning Filmmaker “Ceramic Tango” & “Serpent's Lullaby”) - “Jay Kay of The Horror Happens Radio Show has one of the most exhaustive collections of in-depth interviews with artists, filmmakers, producers, actors, distributors, programmers and anyone related to the horror film genre. I had the privilege to be interviewed by him twice and I was very impressed by the level of research and thorough analysis that he had done for my work. It was such a pleasure to answer his questions and go more in-depth during the conversation. Jay Kay's work is instrumental: he is building a legacy, an encyclopedia and contributing immensely to the horror community with all the archives on his site. Some of these interviews will be historical in the future!”
 “Horror Happens Productions as a Brand, encompasses many aspects of horror culture, media and conversation not found anywhere else. When you have a powerful and evolving movement like Women in Horror, you see that impact it makes and the empowerment it releases to the many out there no matter the fan you are. This parallels to the Horror Happens Radio Show and Film Showcase as it aims to educate, unleash and evolve within horror finding that extraordinary and unique road to travel down. The untapped talent and eclectic visions of these women in every aspect of horror offers the chance to showcase their work on the movie screen for those to experience this journey. That love and art is found not only during Women in Horror Month but all year long whether the live conversations on Horror Happens Radio, the film showcase or Horror Happens Productions found at Horrorhappens.com.”
 Paul Andre Blom (Director of the “South African Horrorfest”) – “Was great chatting with you Jay!”

Paul Stempka & Brian Zielinski (Filmmakers) - "Jay is inviting, insightful, and enthusiastic! This show is not to be missed and Jay is a true class act."  
PJ Woodside (Producer “The Caretakers”) – “Put The Horror Happens Radio Show in your feed, because Jay Kay is totally cool!”
Rebekah Herzberg (VHS Reviewer for Geek Juice, Actress, Model & Writer) - “It's always a treat being interviewed by professionals who know what they're doing. Thank you Jay Kay for having me on the show! You guys need to listen in because we tackled so many topics. We discussed my work with film and television, my VHS column and collection, my bartending expertise, and my modeling work which I take very seriously. I consider myself an artist and I like to incorporate my favorite things in life into my work. See you at TFW Jay and I'll bring the Jameson.”
Paul Solet (Filmmaker “Grace”) - “My pleasure man, great questions, well researched, great show. I had a great time rapping with you.”
Reyna Young (“Miss Misery” Talk Show Host, Film maker & Writer) - "You are a kick ass host! What a great experience, I love this show and can't wait to come back"
Ricky Bates Jr. (FIlmmaker "Excision" & "Suburban Gothic") - "Thanks for having me on. Had such a blast and ur a super talented host!"

Rob Dimension (Filmmaker “Baggage” and “Rabbit Hole”) – “Always a great time Jay - thank you for being a supporter and always working your ass off! You're killing it man...just keep doing what you're doing!”


Robert Nolan (Actor “Heir” & “Silent Retreat”) - "Jay Kay of Horror Happens Radio does a fine job of interviewing guests. He's prepared, knows the body of work they've done, has seen the films being discussed and has informed and intelligent opinions about them. This results in an interesting, entertaining and valuable conversation on-air. The road of horror leads to Jay Kay."


Ron Bonk (Filmmaker & Founder of “SRS Cinema LLC.”) - "I always love talking about underground movies, and it's great to have dedicated supporters and true fans like Jay to get more in-depth about them - his show helps filmmakers like myself reach a wider audience."

Ryan Nicholson (Makeup/FX/Filmmaker “Gutterballs”) - “Great interview man! !!!!!! Damn awesome!!! You are the king of horror radio!”
Scott Schrimer (Producer & Filmmaker “Found”) – “That conversation was one of the few that did not suck. It was a lot of fun and really good questions.” 
Sean Decker (Horror Journalist “Dread Central & Fangoria”, Actor & Producer “LA Slasher) – “Jay's not only a great host, but that man knows his horror inside and out!


Sephera Giron (Samhain Horror Author) - "I had a great time on the show. Listen to Horror Happens for great insight into the horror scene. Loved the thoughtful, intelligent and insightful questions about my books. The extra effort was truly appreciated. Can't wait to come back to rock it out on Horror Happens!"
Shane Ryan (Actor & Filmmaker “My Name is A by Anonymous”) - "I couldn't have had a better experience on-the-air. I even learned a bit about my own films, and even myself, from Jay Kay Horror Happens Radio."
Solon Tsangaras (Musician & Author) – “Dude, thank you for having me on your show.  It was one of the most in-depth interviews I've done.  You allowed me to actually THINK about what was put to paper, and it was refreshing!”
Steve Kahn (Actor & Filmmaker) – “By the way you are a fantastic interviewer and the best one I've connected with. I've done a lot of podcasts and radio shows and I was blown away by how connected you were with me and how we could vamp off each other yet how you still maintained focus of the show.”
Steve McGinnis (Artist Fangoria, Diabolique & Gorezone) – “Thank you so much for having me on the show. It was such a pleasure! It was great! Anytime you need someone on the show I'm good to go.” 
Stephen Biro (Owner of Unearthed Films & Filmmaker “American Guinea Pig Series”) - “Thanks for having me on. Thank you Jay for the help!!! IT means a lot to me and what you do for the genre.”


Taylor Gentry (Horror Radio Show Host “Camcorder TV”) – “Thanks again for having him! Hope he didn't scare you!”
The Horror Honeys (Horror Journalists & Podcasters Kat and Linnie) - “We had a blast!”


The Rasmussen Brothers (Writer “The Ward” and Filmmakers “The Inhabitants”) - "Doing Jay's show was a fantastic experience for the both of us. This guy knows his stuff and his enthusiasm is contagious. We had a fabulous time and look forward to doing it again very soon."


TJ Scott (TV & Filmmaker “Death Valley”) – “You are a FANTASTIC Interviewer. I so appreciate how closely you had watched my film - and your questions were so insightful. You totally Rock, my good man. Thanks you so much - and thanks for pushing the release date so much as we talked.”
Tom Holland (Legendary Filmmaker/Actor/Producer “Child’s Play, Twisted Tales, Fright Night, Psycho 2” & More)– “Jay, thanks for a great interview. More like talking to a friend and having a really intelligent conversation about film, the history of the business and its fascinating future. Look forward to doing it again, and thank you for making it such a pleasure. Fun to talk to somebody smart and really interested.”


Torin Langen (Filmmaker the “Late Night Double Feature”) - "To see a station so dedicated to dark indie cinema is incredibly validating as a filmmaker. These guys celebrate art where others dismiss schlock. Worth the time of any fringe film enthusiast."
Tracie Hill Prichard (Team Member of Scares That Care”) - "I really appreciate Jay's knowledge and support of all aspects of the horror community. He asks thoughtful questions and really makes you feel comfortable while chatting on the show."


Travis Crawford (Programmer at “Danger After Dark”) - "It's fantastic to be interviewed by people that know and love the horror genre, yet are also professionals who ask great questions that really open the subject up to new audiences at the same time. Can't wait to talk with them again!"

Vic Kerry (Author “Revels Ending”) – "Being on Horror Happens radio show was fantastic. It was so much fun that I'd write another book just to come back on."

Vivienne Vaughn (Fangoria Writer & Filmmaker) - Such an honor speaking on the HORROR HAPPENS radio show earlier today! Weird getting interviewed instead of interviewing :P
Zach Donohue (Filmmaker “The Den”) - “Thanks for having me on Jay Kay! A pleasure!


Zach Green (Producer “Fatal Pictures”) – “Loved being on the show Jay, I thought you had some great questions too!”