Show Testaments: Actors
Actor Anthony Edward Curry the 16 year old CEO/Cutie of Mayhem Films and Writer/Director of Movie Night  - "I had a blast on the horror happens radio show. The knowledge that Jay has of movies in the horror genre is unbelievable It's a true pleasure talking to someone who knows about the genre as much as he does. Much respect to him for letting us indie horror filmmakers stand in the spotlight and giving us the chance to be on HHRS Keep it sleazy and thanks again brother"
Bill Connington the lead actor from the scary short film “Zombie” - “Thanks for your intelligent, thoughtful questions about Zombie. And thanks for your appreciation for our work. Look forward to talking again.”
Actress Bianca Barnett ( - "It was a true pleasure to be interviewed by JK of the Horror Happens radio show. Over the years, I have done my fair share of interviews, but his professionalism and great personality definitely shone through. I look forward to being on the show again in the future."
Bill Oberst Jr. the Actor Behind “Circus of the Dead” - “It was alot of fun... I am also looking forward to more conversations with you. Was highly enjoyable”
Actor Christopher Inlow - "Horror Happens Radio is a great show with top quality stars that either own the horror industry or plan too Horror Happens right here"
Horror Actress Christina Schimmel from the films "The Rising & The Hospital" - "I had a blast being interviewed on the HorrorHappens radio show. Jay is awesome and I can't believe how quickly the time went. What an amazing experience and he certainly knows alot about horror."
Actor Damian Maffei - “Absolutely, I had fun Good to talk about something other than Christmas with the Dead. Great questions, pain free experience. I enjoyed listening to the others you had on as well, enjoyable stuff. I'd come back on anytime. Thanks again, Jay
Indy horror actress & scream queen Genoveva Rossi - “It was a blast talking with Jay HorrorHappens Kay about all things horror We discussed my most recent films, my most challenging roles, all the great directors I've gotten to work with, projects that I have coming up, my inspirations in the horror genre, and how I began down the exciting path to being a Scream Queen"
Insidious, Repo: A Gentic Opera & Saw film franchise” horror actor J LaRose - "I had an awesome time being interviewed on The Horror Happens Radio show...Thank you JayKay for being a terrific host with great questions...the hour blew by...I could have talked all night.”
Actress Jessica Cameron from the film “To Jennifer & the Black Dahlia Haunting” - "I love chatting with Jay K Hhrs about anything and everything, he always gets my inside scoop. It’s a great day when part of my work involves chatting with Jay K Hhrs, talk about a great day at my office."
Joe Lemieux (Actor “Drive-In Horror Show”) - "The Jay K Horror Happens Radio Show is the best place to stay connected to horror films and horror culture."
Actor Joe Parascand (aka Sheriff Tom Walker from Mary Horror and Sheriff Tom vs the Zombies) - "It was a real pleasure to speak with Jay on his show on the night of 1/29/2013. He was very supportive, knowledgeable, and engaging."
John Dugan “Grandfather” from the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” - “You must check out this show I showed up late because Sid Haig wouldn't stop talking. Then I couldn't stop talking. I hope Jay K Hhrs managed to squeeze everyone in.”
Julian Richings actor from “Supernatural” and “The Last Will and Testment of Roselind Leigh”  “Loved coming on and coming back on Thank you so much for the great conversation”
Kip Weeks lead actor from the horror film hit “The Strangers” - "Great time talking with Jay K on the Horror Happens Radio Show He makes interviewing feel like talking with friends over a beer."
 Actor AMC’s “The Walking Dead” (Axel), “Unstoppable” & “Trailer Park of Terror” Lew Temple - “He’s awesomeJay’s a true pro and one of the best interviews I have been a part of in a long time”
Mark McCarver the lead actor from the indy drama/horror film “Abram’s Hand” - "Jay makes it a point to champion films that make an impact, and that's all we want as artists and filmmakers. He asks questions that prompt discussion about the craft while making things just plain fun and comfortable. I can't wait to go back on the air with him."
Actress Manoush from “The Super” - “Being on Jay’s radio show was cool ... like partying with friends and knowing Let's do this again sometime."
Legendary Horror Actor ("The Hills Have Eyes", "Highway to Heaven" "Penny Dreadful", & Wierd Science") Michael Berryman - "The conversations was very well paced. It was insightful and Jay Kay had some great questions. I really enjoyed it very much... Look forward to our next one on Horror Happens Radio."
Actor "The Walking Dead Webseries/Member of the Borg "Star Trek" Patrick Barnitt - "I had a blast on the HHRS with Jay Kay is one cool cat and a fantastic host A real expert on the Horror Genre and a very funny guy Thanks again for having me on, Jay"
Philip Friedman Actor from the film “Insidious” - “I also had a really good time with the interview. Your knowledge of the genre makes for great conversation as did your general knowledge of the industry. You have a way of making one feeling very comfortable and that’s a great gift. I'd be very pleased to be on your show in the future."
Actress “The Woman” & “White Settlers” Pollyanna Mcintosh - “Horror Happens was a fun and well researched interview. Jay K is a true horror fan.”
"House of a 1000 Corpses" Actor Robert Mukes  “It's always great rapping with my man Jay at HORRORHAPPENS.”
HorrorActor Scott Tepperman of “The Hospital” - "In a time of poorly conceived, badly-run talk shows, 'Horror Happens' is a breath of fresh air. Smart, fun, & professional. Thanks, again."
Acting Legend Sid Haig - "Well Tootie Fucking Fruity. It was a good time"
Actress, Stunt Woman & Professional Zombie “Zombieland & AMC’s The Walking Dead” Sonya Thompson - “It was a great experience to be on Horror Happens Radio”
Tom DeNucci Actor & Director of "Infected" - "Had a blast chatting with my new pals at Horror Happens Radio. Great show, great host and trust me, plenty of horror be happening."
Stage & TV Actor AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Vincent Ward- “Jay is One of the best interviews & panels I've ever been a part of....True professional.”