Show Testaments: Artists/EFX/Writers

 Chris Nelson the makeup and EFX artist for “American Horror Story”, “Kill Bill” & “The Walking Dead” - "Had a blast doing your show Thanks so much for having me. Jay K is an encyclopedia of horror, as well as a gracious and honest host. Listen in horror hounds, you might learn something."
Actor & Blues Musician Big Frank Mirra - “Jay, Thank you so much for the interview on "Horror Happens Radio Show". Mixing my two favorite things horror and music really made my day. Keep it scary my friend."
Horror Artist Joel Robinson - “Awesome talking with Jay K Thank you for the great interview and a terrific experience.”  
Comic Book, Film & Fantasy Artist Nat Jones - “Thanks man, I really enjoyed the show, thanks so much for having me on. Long live Horror Happens Radio” 
Nick Maley one of the creators of Yoda in “Empire Strikes Back” - “It was fun talking to Jay K. He does his homework and chatting was natural and relaxed. I look forward to the next talk on Horror Happens RS.”  
Comic Book, Film & Fantasy Ray Dillon- "Doing the Horror Happens Radio Show was a blast Great attitude, really know and care about guests, and ask great questions ... I’ll be tuning in” 
Special EFX & Makeup Artist RJ Haddy- "Really enjoyed my time chatting with you You asked some really insightful questions but didnt beat the dead horse asking the obvious same ol same ol that everyone else asks Was a great interview Definitely an intelligent and laid back time talking with you on your show I can’t wait to do it again" 
Taylor Glascock the set photographer on “You’re Next”  “I had a great time talking on the show” 

Authors & Writers
Aaron Christensen, Actor/Editor "Horror 101"/Horror Fan - "What a pleasure to get into full-on geek-out mode with someone as enthusiastic, informed and excited about the horror genre as Jay K clearly is.  He's not scared to have an opinion, even an unpopular one, which is the sign of a true aficionado.  Horror has never been about what's popular - it's about what's personal, what you feel in your guts - and the man treats the much maligned genre with the respect it deserves.  You know you're in good company when the time flies by and they have to drag you kicking and screaming away from the microphone.  Good blood brothers and sisters, you NEED to be listening to the Horror Happens Radio Show.  The scariest thing imaginable...would be to miss it." 
Brian Moreland, Author of Dead of Winter and Shadows in the Mist - "I had so much fun talking with you about writing horror novels on The Horror Happens Radio Show. Your enthusiasm, knowledge of horror, and interview style made the whole experience a joy. This is one of the best radio shows that I've been a guest on. I look forward to coming back in 2013."
Christine Dougherty, author of Darkness Within and Evil Eight - “There are a lot of interviews and podcast shows popping up all over the place but Horror Happens is an obvious stand out...and not just for horror fans. The interviews are interesting and insightful enough to keep anyone entertained.  Jay K  is a really well-informed interviewer he's done his
homework and it shows in the quality of the questions. I look forward to getting back on the show." 
Horror Author Deno Sandz - "If you want to hear horror live with a great host. Tune in to Jay K Horror Happens Radio Show.”  
Don D'Auria, Executive Editor at Samhain Publishing (Horror Branch) - "There's no better interviewer than one who can ask intelligent and insightful questions while still being entertaining, and that's exactly what JK does.  He's a pleasure to talk to...and to listen to." 
Jack Ketchum (Best selling author of "The Woman", "The Girl Next Door" & "Red") - "For me, the measure of a good interview is, does it get you thinking and talking about things you don't usually consider.  Do they illuminate good, meaningful corners of your life and work.  This one did exactly that.  I'd do it again in a minute."
Horror Author of “The Barn” Jason Downes - “What a great experience it was to speak with Jay K on this show. As an author it was excellent to speak with and answer questions from somebody who had really gotten into the book and came away with a genuine interest in its creation. I hope to back again...besides its a lot of fun.”  
HorrorHound Magazine Writer, Actor & Director Jason Hignite- "Had a blast on the Horror Happens Show. Jay is truly a horror fiend As a horror-phile, it is great to spend time getting deep with another horror freak. Keep it up Jay ... and let me do the show again" 
Owner of “Kitley’s Krypt” & HorrorHound Magazine Writer Jon Kitley- "You can Discover the Horror many different places, and with Jay on Horrorhappens Radio show is one of them." 
Jeffery Reddick, Screen writer of Tamara & Final Destination - "I had a blast with Jay K. It’s great to talk to someone who’s not only knowledgable, but also such a fan of the genre. Horror Happens is the type of cool gem that horror fans should make their final destination to hear unique interviews, and get great insight, in to rising stars and established legends in the genre." 
Jorge Solis journalist for “Thanks for the interview, It was an awesome time”
Lisa Morton, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of “TRICK OR TREAT: A HISTORY OF HALLOWEEN” - "It's always a pleasure to talk to people who not only love horror, but KNOW horror 'Horror Happens' is the real deal, and I'd do it again in a dead heartbeat." 
Author & Owner of “AuthorMike Ink” Michael Aloisi - "Being on Horror Happens with Jay was a great time. Not only was he prepared with thought out questions he was also professional and ran the show like a pro." 
Nick Kisella the Author of "Morningstars" - "Had a fantastic time on The Horror Happens Radio Show - Jay asked some great questions - great interview but felt more like it was just talking to an old friend." 
Writers Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan, writers and the evil geniuses behind “The Collection, The Collector, the Feast” film series & “Saw” films 4-7 - “We would love to come back on. Always great talking with the crew at Horror Happens  Thanks for the support and keeping it bloody evil" 
Horror Author Paul DeThroe - “It was my pleasure to do Horror Happens Radio Hope to do it again someday. Jay K is amazing.”  
Screenwriter "The Black Waters of Echoes Pond" & Host of "Horror's Hallowed Grounds" Promoter Sean Clark - "I had a great time and really enjoyed the interview"