Show Testaments: Promoters & Webmasters
Adolfo Dorta co-director of Days of the Dead  - “Wanna give a shout out of appreciation to the press outlets out there that always do great work in helping me promote DAYS OF THE DEAD, especially those that make doing interviews a pleasure rather than it being a royal pain in the ass - folks like Jay K Hhrs. Dealing with the many bootleg press outlets out there looking for little more than a free ride and to hob nob with stars really helps you gain a strong appreciation for the reliable and hard working ones that do professional work. Thank you very, very much.” 
Alessio Giorgetti (Giallo Fever Film Festival) - "Thanks to our early supporters like The Horror Happens Radio Show, we were able to promote our showcase to the fans of the genre.  The turnouts have been consistently good, with some screenings being nearly sold out, and this, we owe it you Thank you.” 
CEO/Producer at Bloody Bombshell Entertainment and Partner/Producer at Fatality Films Andrea Albin  “Thank YOU for being incredible”
Producer at Little Plastic Films, Inc. & Organizer for Toronto Fan Expo Audra Jacombs - “So much fun on Horror Happens Radio”
Stiff Magazine/MonsterCon Dave Harlequin - "My appearance on the Horror Happens Radio Show was one of the best interview experiences I've had in my career, hands down. The entire staff held such a high standard of professionalism while managing to maintain a fun, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere for its guests and listeners. If you haven't heard this show, do yourself a favor and go listen to it These guys are the future of talk radio in horror fandom."
David A. Hagan the Vice President of Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ - “I really enjoyed my interview on The Horror Happens Radio Show. He really knew his stuff and it just felt like a very natural conversation between two fans of horror. I’d do it again anytime.” 
Denise Gossett, Founder Shriekfest Film Festival/Actress - "I had an amazing time on Horror and horror, what more could you ask for?" 
“Rock & Shock Promoters Gina Migalozzi& Kevin Barbare - “I thought it was a fun interview and definitely good questions asked, not the same old same old. Had a good time.”  
Musician, Director & Promoter of the “Eerie Horror Film Fest & Expo” Rev Greg Ropp - "I was thrilled to be a guest on the Horror Happens radio show Jay is obviously very passionate about all things horror and knows his stuff. As an interviewer, he asked relevant questions and was genuinely involved in our conversation. A very pleasant experience and hopefully informative for the listeners Horror fans - take note - Jay and Horror Happens should be on your radar Spread the word" 
Grindhouse Matt ( - "What a great show to get interviewed on Jay K is a personable host who made my first radio interview experience a breeze. Not only did he show extensive knowledge of horror in general, but also of my shop, and was genuinely interested in what I had to offer. I would love to appear on Horror Happens again, and I'll be listening to every show until then."
Jamie D. Jenkins (Devour the Podcast, Chainsaw Mafia & Viscera Film Festival) - “I was already a fan of The Horror Happens Radio Show before my interview so I was really looking forward to it. And I was correct in doing so. My experience with JK was filled with respect and genuine enthusiasm about the genre as a whole as well as what we were particularly discussing. He felt like an old friend and I hope one day he will be one (old, I mean. He's already a friend). I would be honored to visit Horror Happens Anytime. Nothing makes me happier than discussing what I love the most with someone who feels the same way.”  
Jameson Oyer one of the marketing minds of Palisades Tartan US Video - "It was wonderful getting the chance to be interviewed by Jay K & The Ghost on Horror Happens Radio Jay is wonderful interviewer and great to talk to about all aspects of horror. He truly an Asian horror connoisseur and my conversation were both fun and intellectually stimulating. People and fans like Jay are the reason I love my job. It’s so great to hear someone speak with passion in their voice about the films they know and love." 
Joe Ripple Founder of Scares That Care ( - "I enjoyed being a guest on "The Horror Happens" radio show. I want to thank Jay and everyone involved for providing a platform where I could discuss the charity, and what we are trying to do for the genre. Thanks, Jay"
Jon Henderson organizer of Bizarre AC Weekend  “Very cool I could talk about the show all day long on Horror Happens”
The Madore Brothers ( - @HorrorHappensRS Big Bite on HHRS - The Horror Happens show is darned interesting - plus, a time saver with "3 word reviews" - good, good, great.”
Director of the “South Texas Underground Film Fest (STUFF)” Mariella Sonam Perez - "Horror happens is a huge support in the underground/horror community. For that, thank you"
Editor-in-Chief of Diabolique Magazine Max Weinstein- "Being a writer whose obsessive-compulsive tendencies come out when interviewing others, I was psyched to find that same attention to detail as an interviewee on Horror Happens. It's clear Jay K wants to bring out the best in his subjects, facilitates an environment in which to do that, and really leaves no stone unturned. My only regret was the time limit. Loved being on the show."
Rob Hauschild owner of Wild Eye Distribution  “I meant anytime you want me on the show again I would be honored to back come on”
Rich Dalzotto (Horror Realm Con in Pittsburgh PA) - “Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed being on the show Tuesday night.  I appreciate you promoting Horror Realm in Pittsburgh.  It's a lot of fun taking part in an interview done by a true professional. You showed a genuine interest in our show with such well thought out questions and knowledge of Pittsburgh and its Horror community. Keep up the great work. I love being on the show. Jay makes it possible to promote Horror Realm to a lot of people in a fun and relaxing way." 
NJ Horrorfest Promoter Ron DiPrimio - "It was a great experience being on The Horror Happens Radio Show. Jay was very prepared and it was one of the better interviews I have done."
Sean Clark convention promoter and screenwriter - “I had a great time and really enjoyed the interview”
Sean Marks team member of NYC Horror Film Fest  “Thanks for your entertaining and insightful conversation on Horror Happens. It's a pleasure to speak with people as knowledgeable about the genre and filmmaking in general as yourself.  I'd love to come back anytime - and I may as well, as I'll be a dedicated listener from here on in."
Director & Promoter of “Infect:Scranton” Shannon Keith - “If it weren't for you... I think we would still be setting rock”
Shrub Roundtree the mind behind - “Jay K is a total pro who is knowledgeable, entertaining and just really fun to talk horror with.”  
Director of “Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z Todd Staruch - "I had a great time appearing on the Horror Happens Radio show, the place to tune in for live, uncensored horror" 
Troy Escamilla founder of the Fright Meter Awards  “Thanks for having me on...was a good time”