Artist and Filmmaker of “Cadillac Dust” Abigail Braman

"Tales of Halloween" Filmmaker & Writer Adam Gierasch

“Night of the Slasher” Producer Adam Lesar

 “Brentwood Strangler & Scary Endings” Actor & Producer Adam Yeend

“Brattle Theatre” Manager Angela Sawyer

"Rue Morgue" Writer April Snellings

 “The Brood & Offspring” Actor Art Hindle

“Ecstatic Inferno” Author Autumn Christian

“The Devildogs of Kilo Company” Filmmaker Bobby Easly

“Stranger with My Face” Film Fest Organizer Briony Kidd

“Ameoba Music” Floor Manager Chris Konrad

“Pocono Community Theater” Organizer Chuck Poseidon

“Hanover House & Suffer the Little Children” Filmmaker Corey Norman

"Contracted: Phase 2" Writer Craig Walendziak

“I Will Rot Without You” Author Danger Slater

 “Morbidly Beautiful” Events Coordinator/Arts Writer Danni Winn

B-Movie Filmmaker & “Scream Queen” Fest Organizer David DeCoteau

Podcaster & “Dwelling in the Dark” Author David Fairhead

“The Warriors” Actor David Harris

“Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon” Writer David Stieve

Artist & “Theta State, Faces & Mary Horror” Trilogy Actress Deana Demko

Horror Journalist Dede Crimmins

“Human Furniture” Author Devora Gray

“A Favor, Innsmouth & Cleaning House” Actress Diana Porter

“Deadly Famous” Filmmaker Eric Troop

BUFF Volunteer Coordinator Ethan Moore

“Shelter” Short Film Filmmaker Eve Edelson

“DMon Productions” Frank Nicosia

“Night of the Living Podcast” Host & “Horrorhound” Horror Journalist Freddy Morris

“Pandemic” Producer Gabe Cowan

"Poisonous Pinups" Founder Geoffery Von Gore

“The Bonebat Show & Film Fest” Host Gordon Caulkins

"Tales From Beyond the Pale" Writer, Director & Sound Engineer Graham Reznick

"Lovely Molly" Actress Gretchen Lodge

“Hanover House & Suffer the Little Children” Writer & Producer Haley Norman

“Deathhouse” Director Harrison Smith

“The Puppet Man” Filmmaker Jackie Castel

“Shock Stock” Organizer & Talent Booker James Bialowski

Producer, Writer & Filmmaker of “Foolish Mortals” Documentary James Carter

“Fangoria & Delirium Magazine” Writer & Editor Jason Bene

"Midnight Meat Train & Tales from Beyond the Pale” Writer Jeff Buhler

"Blood in the Snow Film Fest" Member & Composer Jen Gorman

“Icons of Fright” Editor & “Love is Dead” Filmmaker Jerry Smith

"Fan Girl" Founder and Writer Jessica Dwyer

Actress & Filmmaker “The Haunting of Alice D” Jessica Sonneborn

“Sixx Tape” Founder & “Call Girl & The Stylist” Filmmaker Jill Sixx

“Deadly Famous” Filmmaker Jim Lane

“Mulberry Street, Stakeland & Cold Day in July” Filmmaker Jim Mickle

“Brentwood Strangler & Scary Endings” Director John Fitzpatrick

“Pandemic” Director John Suits

“J-Subset” Artist Jordan Fletcher

“Children of the Dark” Writer Jonathan Janz

“Don't Eat the Gum” Founder Josh Blevins

"Seirens" Short Film Filmmaker Kat Threlkeld

“Sons of Anarchy” Actor Kenny Johnson

Filmmaker "Martyrs (2015) & Scenic Route" Kevin Goetz

“Don't Eat the Gum” Team Member Kevin Kennedy

 “Sons of Anarchy” Actor Kim Coates

"The Art of Horror" Facebook Group Moderator Kim Layman

“Secret in the Shallows & Devil in the Details” Author Kimberly Huddle Brouillette

“Women in White” Author Kristin Dearborn

Communications Coordinator at "DEDfest" & Writer at Shock Till You Drop Lacey Paige

“GI Joe & Wolverine” Writer Larry Hama

 “Long-Form Religious Porn” Author Laura Lee Bahr

"Darling, Jugface & The Woman" Actress, Writer & Producer Lauren Ashley Carter

Legendary Comic Book Writer & Editor Louise Simonson

Filmmaker Lucas Flint

“Suspect Video” Founder Luis Ceriz

“Nightmares Unlimited” Artist Mark Phillips

“Starburst Magazine” Assistant Editor & Writer Martin Unsworth

 “Carved” Filmmaker Mary C. Russell

“Nightmare 365” Host Matt Doug

“The Hoarder” Director Matt Winn

“The Monster Inside” Author Matthew Franks

“Seed 2 & Grave Encounters 2” Makeup & FX Artist Megan Nicholson

“Jimmy Neutron & Back at the Barnyard” Animator Mike Gasaway

Filmmaker "Martyrs (2015) & Scenic Route" Michael Goetz

" & Founder Michael Steinberg

“Secret Lair” Founder Nate Pancake

“Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon” Actor Nathan Baesel

 “Sympathy For Devil” Documentary Filmmaker Neil Edwards

“We Are Indie Horror” Editor & Filmmaker Neil King

“The Girl in the Photographs” Filmmaker Nick Simon

“Juice” Filmmaker & Actress Olivia Saperstein

“Nasty” Filmmaker Prano Bailey-Bond

Fans, Cast & Crew from “Pretty Fine Things” World Premiere

“Stokercon” Festival Director & Writer Rena Mason

“Pacific Rim, The Strain & Sherlock Holmes 2” Actor Robert Maillet

“Scream” & Power Puff Girls” Voice Actor Roger Jackson

“Undertaker’s Moon” Author Ronald Kelly

“Circus of the Dead” Actor Rusty Edwards

“Gardens of Babylon” Author Sara Brooke

“Marvel & DC” Comic Book Creator Scott Lobdell

“Nightmarish Conjurings” Editor-in-Chief Shannon McGrew

“Night of the Slasher” Director Shant Hamassian

“DMon Productions” Sheri Fairchild

“Vicki Beautiful” Author Somer Canon

“Dreadcentral & Yahoo TV” Host & Horror Journalist Staci Layne Wilson

Makeup & FX Artist Stacey Campbell

“The Bonebat Show & Film Fest” Host Steven J Holetz

“Crimson Screen Film Festival” Organizer & Filmmaker Tommy Faircloth

“A Film Monkey Production Inc.” Filmmaker Tricia Lee Kalpakis

“Black Widows & Used Parts” Filmmaker Venita Graham

“And They Watched” Filmmaker Vivian Lin

“Zed Fest” Organizer Wendy Medrano

“The Family” Filmmaker & Cinematographer Wolfgang Meyer