Directors & Producers
Producer Greg Ansin of the “Drive-In Horror Show” - "Great interview... The scariest radio show this side of hell." 
"Big Ass Spider" Producer Shakked Berenson - “Had a great time on Horror Happens Jay is a real fan which shows or- “Best Radio Interviewer Ever”
"Within the Woods of Undead County" Producer Josh Michael Solarczyk  “It was an amazing experience Thankyou so much sir It was an honor to be Horror Happens Radio”
  Adam Ahlbrandt fan and the director of “The Hunters, The Cemetery & Cross Bearer” - “Thank you guys for tolerating my depravity Everyday, late at night I like to use the hot glue gun I got at the local swap meet on my sex slaves... I burn their ears shut or their hands to their genitals then watch them squirm... But the other night I got the chance to call the Horror Happens radio show and talk to my friend Jay instead... I still used the glue gun afterwards. Had a blast you sick fucks” My three word review on the Horror Happens Radio: I love you
Bradley Sullivan the director of the indy hit horror film “I Didn’t Come Here to Die” - “Thanks for having me on Had a great time. Hope it was wasn’t crap LOL”
Carlo Rodriguez the mind behind - "Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to be on the show."
Casey Crow the director of the short film “Klagger”  - “Couldn't have had a better experience with Horror Happens Super-Host, Jay K. Jay and the crew of Horror Happens have their fingers on the pulse of what horror-heads crave.”
Cast & Director of the Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher (JOAQUIN MONTALVAN, Paul E. Respass & Theresa Holly) - "Just wanted to THANK YOU for the interview last night. Paul, Theresa, and I hung out for a couple of hours after the interview basking in the aftermath. We thoroughly enjoyed the interview, and your questions were very intelligent, thoughtful, and on point. I was also very touched by your enthusiasm towards the film.
Chris Peckover, the deeply disturbed bastard director/writer behind UNDOCUMENTED (@peckover / - "Insightful, passionate horror supergeekery  A bloody big thanks to JK and Horror Happens for such a great time - I could back and forth with y'all all day."
Christian Ackerman director of the short film "Hells Belles" - "Jay K and the Horrorhappens radio show allows horror filmmakers to come together and show what really going on in the world of horror."
Chuck Parello the director of the films “Ed Gein” and the “Hillside Strangler” - “I've never had a better time blathering on about psychos like Ed Gein and The Hillside Strangler as I did on Horror Happens Radio.” 
Coven Delacruz - Director ( & Twitter @cndmndprdctnsCached) - "The Horror Happens Radio Show is kicking... Awesome interview... I would like The Horror Happens Radio Show for inviting me on. I loved your show the most out of any I've done. You did alot of research and it was laid back. Film is illusion so never give up and make them believe."
Dave Campfield the director of the Caesar & Otto franchise - “Having been on a number of podcasts before, my experience on Horror Happens Radio show was right at the top." 
Deronte' L. Smith, Solaris Filmworks LLC (Prosper) - “Being on Jay's show was insightful, thought provoking and fun Jay's line of questioning is clean, straight forward and easy to understand. His passion for helping indie filmmakers shines through, and I am
glad to have an advocate in the genre of indie horror like Jay.”
Director & Writer "13-13-13", "Hate Crime" & "To Jennifer" James Cullen Bressack - "Always a pleasure to be on the Horror Happens Radio show, this show supports horror in a way that is invaluable to us indie filmmakers."
Director of “Detention of the Dead” Alex Craig Mann - "Horror Happens radio rocks. Insightful & entertaining I'm a fan and I'll be recommending you to all horror enthusiasts"
Director of “Some Guy Who Kills People” Jack Perez - "Horrorhappens kicks ass Jay hosts a terrific show with original insightful questions that go deeper. Looking forward to coming back"
Director of “The Grave Dancers & Big Ass Spider” Mike Mendez -“What a blast it is to talk horror with a true horror fan. Hope we can do it again”
Director of the film “Sick Boy” Sean & Tim Cunningham - “Jay and the Horror Happens Radio Show are a true asset to the horror community. Celebrating our favorite genre is reason enough to dig on what Jay is doing but his show gives horror a voice.”
Director of the thriller “Nailbiter” Patrick Rea - "Being on The Horror Happens Radio Show was great fun Had a terrific time talking about horror films and the process of making films"
Evan Makrogiannis, Director of “THE TURNPIKE KILLER and THE SUPER” - "There's nothing better when it comes to interviews, when the host asking questions is a knowledgeable and passionate horror fan. It was a great experience and I had a great time. JK was awesome, his questions for me lead to some interesting chat and I look forward to joining him again down the road to talk more cinematic grit, grime and gore. I urge all horror fiends to tune into The Horror Happens Radio Show on HomegrownRadioNJ Stay off the roads, stay alive and tune into the show."
Filmmaker Chris Ambriz - "Jay K and the Horrorhappens radio show allows horror filmmakers to come together and show what really going on in the world of horror." 
Francis Xavier the director of Poe - “I can't thank Jay K and The Horror Happens Radio Show enough for everything they did to make my interview so wonderful and comfortable.  It truly was a night I will never forget and Jay is a master interviewer, he asked the right questions and added so much to the interview with his smarts and positive attitude.   His interview made me feel so special.  He not just respects the world of film but he respects your film.  Jay is definitely the best of the best.  Thanks Jay K.”
future endeavors on Horror Happens Radio.” 

Greg McLean filmmaker of “Rouge” and the “Wolf Creek” series - "Had a great time being a guest on HorrorHappens with Jay Kay, discussing Wolf Creek, Rogue and Wolf Creek 2 and the and craft of Horror"
Horror Directors Liam Makrogiannis (“Survive/Night of the Magician”) and Evan Makrogiannis (“The Turnpike Killer/The Super”) - "Whats up horror fiends, this is horror directors Liam Makrogiannis (“Survive/Night of the Magician”) and Evan Makrogiannis (“The Turnpike Killer/The Super”) Listen live if you dare to the Horror Happens Radio Show on Home Grown Radio New Jersey No one has their finger on the pulse of indie horror like JK and the Ghost JLK, so tune in and let the blood flow"
In Fear of Webseries Creator Scott W. Perry - "One of the best interviews I've ever done. Jay K is terrific at asking pinpoint questions that get the best out of the subjects. A masterful interview and a great show"
James Balsamo the Writer/Director of “I Spill Your Guts, Catch of the Day & Hack Job” - "Ghouls and gore hounds alike can't get enough of Horror Happens Radio. As a film maker it's great to have an outlet to talk about my films with Jay, who has a true love for the horror genre."
James Cullen Bressack the Writer/Director of My Pure Joy & Hate Crime - "Being on Horror Happens Radio was an amazing experience, you can feel the difference when you are talking with a person who actually care about your work, the fans, and the genre, and on horror happens you get just that."
James Neff/Nightwalker Cinema  - “Thanks to @HorrorHappensRS for having us on their shows while promoting the @Indiegogo funding for #TheDinnerGuest.” 
Jen & Sylvia Soska (Writers/Actors/Directors/Kick ass gals of "DEAD Hooker in a Trunk" & "American Mary" - “We absolutely fucking loved our experience with JK on Horror Happens. He knows his horror, he's so well-versed in the genre, and he creates this amazing atmosphere for every interview. It feels like talking to your horror nerd friends about your favorite films because of his vast knowledge and warmth on the show."

Jeremy Wechter the Writer/ Director of EVIL ALIVE - "I had a blast talking to JK from Horror Happens about my upcoming horror movie EVIL ALIVE.  JK's enthusiasm for horror movies is absolutely infectious and his questions about EVIL ALIVE were smart and insightful."
JimmyO & April Burril (Chainsaw Sally Show) - "Signing on to The Horror Happens Radio Show, April and I were met with power, passion, and enthusiasm.  It's good for the guests, and good for the listeners. Perfect example of how internet radio should be."
Joey Stewart the director of indy horror film “The Final” - “What a pleasure. You are a great interviewer that did all the right the research and all the best to you and success for all your
John Iwasz Actor & Director - "We had a great time on Horror Happens Radio Show Jay did his homework and asked terrific questions. He treats his guests’ right." 
Kern Saxton writer and director of “Sushi Girl” - "Talking with HorrorHappens was a total blast. The most fun hour of radio I've ever had Trust these guys, they know what they're talking about."
Larry Carrell the director of “JACOB” - "I had a KICK ASS time on the Horror Happens Radio Show Being an indie filmmaker I don't have a million dollar advertising budget. The only chance I have for my film to be seen is by reaching out to the fans Horror Happens makes that possible." 
Marcus Koch: Director of the films Fell, ROT & 100 Tears - “Thank you for having a radio show that features truly independent filmmakers. I'd be dead in the water if people like you didn’t exist.”
Mass Grave Pictures (Louie Cortes & Manny Serrano) - "It was a pleasure being on HorrorHappens Radio. It's wonderful talking to others who know and love horror, and the HorrorHappens crew are no exception. We loved being on, and would do it again anytime. Thank you for the opportunity, HHRS Keep it brutal."
Matt Farnsworth the director of “The Orphan Killer” - "Horror Happens is tapped in. At times they read my mind. Man, are they sick in all the very best ways. Give them a cruel listen. Horror Happens It's what is happening in HORROR." 
Michael Todd Schinder filmmaker “Our Devil Night” “It was a blast. I always have fun with this stuff, but I genuinely enjoyed being interviewed by you...others aren't necessarily enjoyable...hahah...but you have fun 'with it'...”
Mike O’Mahony the Head Ass Kicker at Maniac Films - “The interview was a good time. It always nice to talk to fellow horror fans who love the genre and help to shine the spotlight on us independents.”
Paul Sampson, director of the indy action/horror film “Night of the Templar” ( - “Jay's an amazing host. He did his research before hand, catching the idiosyncrasies of the movie, and it was reflected in his line of questioning along with the direction in which he led the interview. It was a pleasure being part of his show.”
Peter Dukes: Founder of Dream Seekers Productions - “I enjoyed a great interview on the Horror Happens Radio Show. Jay K was everything you want in a horror show host. Personable, professional and informed, with a passion for the genre, would come back anytime."
Rick Gawel ( - "Thank you to JK and the Horror Happens Radio Show for a great interview JK and his crew are very professional and awesome people to work with. The interview was a lot of fun and JK's questions and insight into our films and the horror genre really show his enthusiasm and love for the "dark side. THANKS JK."
Rodrigo Gudino founder of Rue-Morgue Magazine, writer and director of The Last Will and Testment of Roselind Leigh”  “Absolutely return anytime I had a lot of fun on the show and thank you so much for having me on”
Rufus Chafee director of the film “The Muse” - "My experience with Jay K & The Ghost on Horror Happens Radio was in a word outstanding. Leading up to the show he was in contact to confirm details and his enthusiasm and love of independent film and horror was obvious. He took the time to really watch my film and ask insightful questions in a way that were easy to answer and allowed me to present my film in the best way possible to the public. I would highly recommend Jay K and Horror Happens to any artist." 
Ryan Scott Weber the director of “Mary Horror & Sheriff Tom vs the Zombies” - "Jay K, The Ghost and the awesome Horror Happens Radio Show is what independent Horror is all about. He asks the best questions and really understands what the indie scene is all about. If you are on the Horror Happens Radio Show you know your making an impact in the Horror scene."
Scarlet Fry director of Scream Machine - “The horror happens radio show is the best indie horror talk show I've heard, it was an honor to be a guest where so many other genre greats were heard before me. It was very cool to be in such Great company. I am happy to continue to be a listener.”
Scooter Downey Director of "It's in the Blood" - Indie filmmakers need more guys like Jay K and the rest of the team at Horror Happens  They make our lives easier-- not only by asking the right questions but also by connecting us with the right audience.  Check them out."
Skip Shea filmmaker of “Ave Maria” - "I had a blast being a guest on Jay Kay's Horror Happens Radio Show. He's one of the most informed hosts I know. It was a very cool time."
Stacy Buchanan the mind behind “Something Wicked This Way Comes” - "Jay is a fantastic voice for the independent horror film community - he really 'gets it'. And it was an honor to be a part of his show." 
Steven C. Miller, the director of “Silent Night & Automation Transfusion” - "Had an absolute blast hanging on HorrorHappens Always fun to talk slasher films with a show that has as much love for them as I do."
Stuart Gordon filmmaker of “Re-Animator” & “From Beyond”  “Thank you for having me on show, I enjoyed our conversation very much. Love to return to the show.”