2016 Guest Testimonials About The Horror Happens Radio Show

(As of Dec 20, 2016)

Adam Rockoff (Screenwriter of the Remake "I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE" & Co-Host of "HORROR HUNTERS") - "While preparation is a function of professionalism, enthusiasm is innate. Rarely have I been interviewed by something with such a respect, passion and dare I say, curiosity, for the horror genre, as Jay Kay."

Alexandra West (Writer at "DIABOLIQUE" & Author "NEW FRENCH EXTREMITY") - "Appearing on Horror Happens helped me reach the genre film audience that's looking for new and exciting content."

Andre Ovredal (Director "TROLLHUNTER" & "THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE") - "Great questions, a wonderful conversation."


April Snellings ("Rue Morgue" Writer) - "You were a truly excellent host and interviewer. I so appreciate you having me on!"

Art Hindle (Actor “The Brood”) – “Jay's insights into my career made me rethink the impact on myself and the fans of those movies...”

Autumn Christian (Author of “Ecstatic Inferno”) – “The Horror Happens Show is the most fun I've had laying on the floor in a dark room.”

Brian Nagel (Actor "CLOWNTOWN") - "Thank you for a great interview about clowntown yesterday! You rock!!

Can Evernol (Filmmaker "BASKIN") - "It made me feel like the Wizard of Oz!"


Chris Vander Kaay (Co-author/writer of "THE ANATOMY OF FEAR") - "My co-writer Kathleen and I have done a lot of interviews and spoken with a lot of horror luminaries for our writing, and Jay has the most important thing in common with them: an infectious desire to explore all the possibilities, all the darkened corners, all the interesting facets that horror film and television have to offer. If there were more thoughtful hosts and critics out in the world like Jay, our job of defending the seriousness of quality and horror would be obsolete, and I mean that in the best way."


Craig Anderson (Filmmaker "RED CHRISTMAS") - "Jay K is an awesome interviewer, apart from knowing his shit, he has something that's too often lacking these days- intelligence. Jay K is thoughtful and considered when regarding the social context of a film and his understanding of filmmaking and tropes is without equal. He's a joy to listen to an for the lucky few a pleasure to talk to. Rock on Horror Happens!"


Danger Slater (Author of “I Will Rot Without You”)  - "Well it was a fun experience and you were super knowledgeable about my book which made for a pleasant and deep interview."

Danni Winn (Events Coordinator/Arts Writer at Morbidly Beautiful) - "Because you're show is the shit man!"

David Hartman (Filmmaker "PHANTASM RAVAGER") - "It was a pleasure to be on Horror Happens. It felt less like an interview and more of hanging out with an old friend and talking about the things we love. Jay was a great and informed host and let me talk his ear off."


David Royal (Actor & Filmmaker) - "Jay Kay, you're the man. The amount of thought and energy you put in to hosting and talking with directors is just amazing. You have a way with words that's truly inspiring. Thank you for being you!

David Stieve (Co-Writer on “Behind the Mask”) - "One of the top 5 times I've had not wearing pants. Top 7. Never mind. Also, Jay is the Bill Moyers of horror!"

Deana Demko (Actress, Writer & Artist) - "Being part of the Women in Horror Celebration was not only an honor but I was reminded by my awesome host Jay that I am a wonderfully accepted part of our close knit dysfunctional happy family."

Diana Porter (Actress “A Favor, Cleaning House & Innsmouth”) - "It was a blast chatting on the Horror Happens Radio show! Anytime you want to discuss film making, woman and horror I'm happy to ramble wildly and be randomly vulgar!"

Duncan Bradshaw (Author of the Book "HEXAGRAM") - "With an insane level of enthusiasm for the genre, Jay makes you feel like you're a king, with insightful questions, and an easy-going manner. It was an absolute pleasure being on the Horror Happens Radio Show"


Eric Havens (Writer of the award winning short film "THE STYLIST") - "Talking with Jay was an absolute pleasure, the man knows his stuff and has a passion that's rare to find."

Eric Troop (Filmmaker “Deadly Famous”) - “Jay is a great believer in the art of horror. He is a positive force in this dark genre.”

Eve Edelson (Organizer of “Weird at the Winery” & Filmmaker) - "Jay puts visitors at ease. His questions and comments reflect a knowledge of film and an interest in human nature. Plus he's just nice. The interview energized me so much I finished a film animatic right afterward. His collection of archived interviews spans the genre film industry & is an education in itself. Jay Kay (promoter & scholar of all things cinematically strange) demonstrates how to get next to women!

Freddy Morris ("Night of the Living Podcast & HorrorHound Radio" Host) - "Thanks for having me on the show! I really enjoyed it. The format makes Horror Happens a standout. You're a natural at leading the cover satin and keeping the show exciting and fun to listen to."

Glenn Rolfe (Author "Where Nightmares Begin") - "Jay and Horror Happens Radio offer a great medium for the genre. Smart, in-depth, and honest. You can't beat this show"

The Goetz Brothers (Filmmakers "Scenic Route & 2016's Martyrs") - "We certainly thought you ran an A+ interview. Really well done. We enjoyed our talk very much and thank you for the time. Look forward to hopefully joining you on your show again with our next film!"

Graham Reznick (Sound Designer, Engineer  & Filmmaker "Tales from Beyond the Pale") - "Had a great time talking shop on Horror Happens. Jay K loves the genre and really knows his stuff!"

Greg Gifune (Author of the Book "SAVAGES") - Was really fun, I had a great time! Thank you so much, what a pleasure sincerely! So nice to be asked such thoughtful questions instead of the same eight everyone asks.

Harrison Smith (Filmmaker "Deathhouse") - "Great interview. Excellent, fresh questions and you're a really good host."

Jeff Husselman (Co-Creator of the film "AMERICAN HOLOCUST") - "Horror Happens radio is a blast, had a great time. Intelligent conversations and fantastic questions."

Jeff Strand (Author of the Book "BLISTER") - Thanks for the great interview! We authors don't usually get to talk to people who've thought about their stuff in that much depth!

Jerry Smith (Filmmaker & Editor in Chief “Icons of Fright”) – “It was a pleasure being on the show. It meant a lot to me being able to talk about horror, Love is Dead and just things in general.”

Jessica Dwyer (Writer & Editor in Chief of “Fan Girl Magazine”) - "It's great to be a part of the horror entertainment world and to be able to chat with folks like the Horror Happens Radio Crew who appreciate the history of what women have brought to not only the horror genre but all parts of the entertainment world."

Jim Lane (Filmmaker “Deadly Famous”) - “ Jay is a great believer in the art of horror. He is a positive force in this dark genre.”

jim mickle (Filmmaker "Stakeland, mulberry street & we are what we are") - "That was a blast man! So much fun to dive back and talk about those movies. Great to put it all in perspective. Great fun questions and i look forward to doing it again any time!"

Joe Davison (Co-writer & Actor of "100 TEARS") - Horror Happens Radio keeps the indie horror scene alive and there is nowhere else like this show to get your horror news! Hollywood wishes it was on point like Horror Happens!

Joe Simko (Co-Creator of the Doc "30 YEARS OF GARBAGE" & Artist) - Jay has good knack on the subjects he is interviewing. Well informed and supportive of his guests.

John Skipp (Filmmaker, Writer & Founder of “Fungasm Press”) - "Zesty, intelligent, playful, knowing, and informative talk that spreads the word, cares about the artists it brings onboard, and takes the time to explore their minds by actually engaging with the art, then asking great questions? Why the hell would I like THAT? The Horror Happens Radio Show is a welcome blast of fresh air in the smoldering dark, and a genuine pleasure.”

John Speredakos (Actor "THE MIND'S EYE, WENDIGO & DARLING" / Voice Actor 'TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE") - “Jay pulls off the best trick of all— he takes his JOB seriously but not HIMSELF seriously. He actually does research, knows your backstory and resume, and he’s a true fan of the genre. And the man also LISTENS well; you have legitimate conversations. A pleasure talking to a fellow Jersey Boy! Rock on, Jay. (as another Jersey Boy once said…)"

Johnny Daggers (Author & Filmmaker "BLOOD ON THE REELS") - "If you are a filmmaker or artist who is tired of the incessant interview questions in which the answers are readily available by a simple web search, fret no more. HorrorHappens Host; Jay Kay, separates himself from the pack by digging deep and asking the hard hitting questions. Jay Kays honest questioning and thorough research, makes the show a cut above, for both the interviewee and the listener."


Kat Threlkeld (Filmmaker “Seirens”) – “It was a lot of fun being on the show and I am very honored!  It's very important for me to share the reasoning’s behind the fil

m since the work I do always has a message behind it and you made it possible for me to speak about that.  Thank you.”

Kevin Burke (Filmmaker & Movie Poster Collector "24x36: A MOVIE ABOUT MOVIE POSTERS") - "The Horror Happens Radio Show is a must-listen for any fan of genre culture. Jay Kay is knowledgeable as all hell and a pleasure to nerd out with. Conversations like this are what will keep genre thriving."

Kier-La Janisse (Festival Director of "MONSTER FEST") - "Yes it was great, you are a very insightful and passionate interviewer!"

Kim Huddle Brouillette (Author of "Secret in the Shallows & Devil in the Details") - "I had a great time on The Horror Happens Radio Show with Jay Kay and you will enjoy it too! It was wonderful sharing news about my latest writing ventures, including reading an excerpt of my upcoming paranormal mystery thriller book release, Method in the Madness, the final of the trilogy. I even discussed what my next projects are, including a screenplay and a prequel series. You won't want to miss our personal tales of paranormal encounters. It was a lot of fun. Thanks, Jay!"

Kim Layman (Moderator “The Art of Horror” Group) - Loved being on the show. Had a great time discussing my love for the Horror Genre and my earliest influences and where the genre is headed towards now."

Kristin Dearborn (Author of "Woman in White") - "What a great conversation with Jay! It felt more like an intimate conversation with an old friend rather than being on the radio."

Lacey Paige (Staff at DedFest) – “Partaking in The Horror Happens Radio Show’s Women in Horror Month episode was an absolute pleasure. Host Jay Kay’s question were thought provoking, well researched, and wickedly audacious! I not only had the opportunity to talk about my journalistic pursuits, but I also spent a good portion of our air-time gushing about my passion for genre cinema and the early life experiences that continue to fuel it. I look forward to returning to the show to share more on upcoming DEDfest events, and future creative undertakings. Stay tuned and thanks for listening in!”

Laura Lee Bahr (Actress, Writer & Author of “Long-Form Religious Porn”) - "Asking is the more subtle art than the answer. The art of the great question is alive and kicking in The Horror Happens Radio show.  Dialogue you can dive into so deep you get the bends when its done.  Meaningful radio is happening here."

Lauren Ashley Carter (Writer, Producer & Actress “Jugface, Darling & The Woman”) - "I can talk all night, hahaha! It was so much fun, thank you!"

Luis Ceriz (Owner of "Suspect Video") - " It was a dynamite show! Really interesting and great diversity in guests... Really liked it and a really pro show!"

Madeline Koestner (Writer & Co-Festival Director of "PHILADEPHIA UNNAMED FILM FESTIVAL") - You run an awesome show!

Martin Bruyere (Organizer of the "REQUIEM FEAR FEST") - "The Horror Happens Radio Show - When horror is all you breath."


Martin Unsworth (Associate Editor & Writer "Starburst Magazine" UK) - "I had an amazing experience talking to Jay for the show. He had really done his homework, and he made it a pleasure and fun to chat. He really knows his stuff, and made me feel so comfortable talking from another country!"

Matt Winn (Filmmaker “The Hoarder”) – “Loved being on Jay's show! He knows horror inside out and his enthusiasm is infectious. Great questions too!Mike Gasaway – “Dude, that was great! What a fantastic interview. I had a blast!”


Melissa Lason (Author of the Book "MAYAN BLUE") - "We had a blast on Jay Kay's show. He made me feel right at home with his love of the genre and friendly attitude. I can't wait to get to chat with him again!"

Michael Steinberg (Founder of Supporthorror.com & Foundfootage.com) - "My guest appearance on Horror Happens was a great experience and a blast to be a part of. I was thrilled that Jay did his homework and asked the thought provoking questions one would expect from a professional interview – Kudos Jay!"

Michelle Garza (Author of the Book "MAYAN BLUE") - "Jay Kay is a true horror fanatic and wonderful guy. We had a great time getting to talk to him about our book and I was very flattered that he liked it. He asked some really good questions and made me feel at ease being on his show."

Mike Gasaway (Animator for "Disney" also on "Jimmy Neutron & Back at the Barnyard and Filmmaker "help Me First") - "Dude, that was great. What a fantastic interview. I had a blast!"

Natalie Martins (Actress "CRUEL SUMMER") - "I had the pleasure of being interviewed for Jay Kay's show, alongside some of the Cruel Summer team, and it really was an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. Not only did he make us feel at ease on the build up to the interview but also knew exactly how to make us feel at ease during too. Interviews can be extremely daunting but Jay Kay shared such an enthusiasm for our project that he was able to ask us some really interesting, detailed and original questions - there was literally never a dull moment. If you get a chance to be on his show, do, you won't regret it!"

Nathan Baesel (Actor “Behind the Mask: Rise of Leslie Vernon”) - "Horror Happens when you least expect it. As ably demonstrated by my rambling, semi-coherent responses. Next time I'll say words accompanied by meanings. Thanks, Jay for your passion and appreciation."

Neil Edwards (Filmmaker “Sympathy for the Devil”) – “It was a pleasure! Thanks for the invite. I'm sure I talked a lot of nonsense.”

Neil King (Filmmaker & Editor in Chief of “We Are Indie Horror”) - "I know I've thanked you before and this may be overkill BUT I wanted to personally thank you again. I really appreciated all the kind words and the in depth analysis of my films. It really means a lot. You sir are the definition of "Killing it"!"

Olivia Saperstein (Actress & Filmmaker) - "Being on HorrorHappens was a blast. Jay asked really great questions, which reminded me once again of my love for horror, and of my greater intention in making the short film, 'Recipe."

Richard McCrohan (Author of the Book "PANDORA")- "Thank you for the opportunity. The depths of your questions and your understanding of the subject matter was a breath of fresh air to the usual banter one hears. I loved being on your show and thoroughly enjoyed our time together."

Robert Dunn (Author of the Book "MOTORMAN") - "Talking with Horror Happens and Jay Kay was like talking with an old friend about favorite books. Love of genre and the people involved comes through loud and clear even long distance. The Horror Happens Radio Show is an ear full of terrible things and the great people who love them. I can't wait to be on the show again."

Ronald Kelly (Author of “Undertaker’s Moon”) – “Really enjoyed doing the show tonight, Jay. You were an excellent host and I appreciate it (I tend to get a little nervous with these things). We should do it again when the Secret Writing Project finally sees print. Again, many thanks for a wonderful interview, my friend.”

Sara Brooke (Author of “Gardens of Babylon) – “It was great - you are a fantastic interviewer. One of the best I've spoken with. Very good questions and I felt super comfortable. Would love to join u in the future and can't thank you enough. Please stay in touch! Xo”

Shannon McGrew (Editor in Chief / Writer “Nightmarish Conjurings”) – “Thank you so much again for having me. I am much honored.”

Staci Layne Wilson (Writer & TV Personality “Dreadcentral & Yahoo TV”) - "I loved being on the Horror Happens Radio Show. Jay Kay is a great host, who keeps it casual while still getting to topical questions about the horror biz that really matter."

Stacey Campbell (FX & Makeup Artist) - "It was a pleasure being on the Horror Happens Radio Show. Being able to express your thoughts and experience to an audience that truly appreciates the industry is really a great opportunity. I hope to be on the show again with more amazing stories for all you listeners. You'll definitely hear more from Stacy Campbell. Thanks again Jay you're awesome!"

Toy Lei (Stunt Woman, Actor & Filmmaker "BOXER") - "It's always makes an interview more pleasant when the host is knowledge and asks question that get into the meat of things."

Travis Stevens (CEO & Producer for "SNOWFORT PICTURES") - "Incredible questions! An amazing time."

Tricia Lee Kalpakis (Filmmaker at "A Film Monkey Productions") - "I think it's so great that Horror Happens celebrates women in horror. What a fun conversation I had with Jay today. Sometimes when I am so inside my work, I forget to stop and celebrate the small victories along the way and chatting with Jay about my work reminds me why I love filmmaking and the genre."

Wendy Medrano (Organizer of “ZedFest”) – “Being on The Horror Happens Radio Show with Jay Kay, was so much fun. I loved the conversation we had about "Women in Horror" and Independent Films. Jay is very welcoming and supportive to all of us in the "Dysfunctional Family"pleasure.”